Sans Tail

Tail, tail, tail, chasing my tail, looking for tail, wanting a tail, it’s a common theme here….but this morning it goes beyond theme…my little black Sambo came waltzing in from the garage this morning without the end of his tail. Just like that.
He seems just fine, not crying, no noise. He’s tucked in taking care of it. He’s jumped into my lap and needed petting. Usual morning, just with the end of his tail blown off. I don’t know if it was run over? If something bit it off, or if it was caught in something. I ran right out and opened both garage doors to see if it was smashed under that, no tail.

Poor baby.

I’m headed to the vet here in a few mintues after they get opened…ka ching. ka ching. oh well…

All this at 6:30 in the morning. Bonusmom took off for some work stuff early today, then is heading to stay with Wonderboy for the rest of the week. He’s going to be the Red Power Ranger tomorrow. Wicked cute.

There has been a little action with the social experiment. Emailing with someone to start out. I think my pic sucks and need a new one that makes me look less like a circus freak and more like a Playboy bunny who likes to make cupcakes.


Whatever. I hope your tail is intact, and that you have a good day and that you always know, dear readers, that I love George Clooney.

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  1. Kizz says:

    I’m sure he’ll be fine since I’ve heard all manner of stories about cats getting tail bits lopped off but DAMN! what a thing to wake up to. Gonna change his name to stumpy? 🙂

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