The Path of Defiance and Destruction

A phrase used by secretary of state Condeleeza Rice regarding the Iran/Moscow/Fuckitymuck situation in the world. . . . ?


a phrase to describe my love life?

So, I had a few more “matches” yesterday. I can honestly say, I still really really don’t enjoy the process like this. I’d really much rather just happenstance meet a man, strike up a conversation and go from there. However, I work with women. all women. Mostly 19-27 year old women who, if they had anyone to introduce me to, would be the same age and to that I give The Dolphin. Eh Eh. Eh Eh.

Forging on.

One fella answered my set of ??’s and I’m afraid we’re going to have to let him go. One of my?’s is “how much alone time do you need in a relationship?” and he answered “my work hours are enough alone time, I want to spend all the other time with my partner”

and “if you go to a party with your date and don’t know anyone you usually…”

now these are multiple choice answers or you can write in your own. There is a choice of “stay by my date the whole time, go stand in a corner, strike out and talk to new people, say i don’t want to go at all”

His answer was stay by the date all night long, never leaving their side.


I’m looking for an answer of a AND b.

I’m already saying not so much to this match so will probably close it. Here are my feelings on that. I don’t want to hurt his feelings. What if no one else talks to me???

This social experiment is difficult, folks.

Oh yeah, and there have been a few guys who’ve sent ME their ??’s…every one of them the last question is “how do you feel about pre-marital sex?”

Bet if I answered “oh hell, just get me drunk and fall on top of me” I’d get a shitload of responses!!!!! Bwa ha ha ha ha.


have a crazy busy weekend/work. Busy at work. Going to try to see a play tonight, then tomorrow night am meeting up with Purple Pool gals for dinner and drinks. Sunday, going to try to hit auditions at C2, then rehearsal in Chickasha as well as Monday. BonusMom is out of town this next week, until Sunday so the Frontier is my own. . . I may build a fire and just sit out there and vege next weekend. Anyone interested, come on down…

Whatever is on your plate this weekend, have an extra helping for me. Enjoy. Did you see the moon???? Freakin’ amazing. Go Sox! I love George Clooney. (I’m sure he’d answer my ?? perfectly We’re having coffee together this morning)

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  1. Kizz says:

    It’s so interesting that the pre-marital sex stuff is on the very first round of communication. I wonder if that’s a regional thing or if that happens everywhere.

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