It looks like Poop.

So the day was good. I’m tired, been watcing the SOX and having a few glasses of wine so am sleepy.

I did NOT go weigh in today. You guys, I just didn’t have it today. I was in a funky mood, the online dating thing is a lot of work and pissed me off this morning, and my car is a thousand miles overdue for an oil change so everytime I get in to drive to and from work I’m annoyed at myself for being a slacker and my “buddy” decided she wanted to go to Furrs Cafateria for lunch instead so I had no support to force the hand. PPFFFFFFFT.
Whatever. Next week.

Had some fun clients today. The elusive Pilot came back. Hadn’t seen him since the day before I left for NYC, so it was good to see him and get caught up. He always make smile. I hate that it takes only 30 minutes for a mens cut because I enjoy him. Last time I just cut the shit out of his hair so it’s been almost 8 weeks since I’ve seen him last. We’ve got to find a happy mediaum! hahaha. I told him the address to The Circus, so he may be reading. . . if so, welcome. pull up a chair. pour yourself a drink. enjoy.

the next client was a 5 year old pain in my ass. Now you know that I like kids. Genuinely. Years of children’s theatre and having that natural Pied Piper gene and I can find some good and humor in most of them. This one worked me. I liked him and he and I could talk some shit but the end result was met with this comment

it looks like poop from my butt.


it was all i could to to not tell the mother that she should have swollowed him.

The Sox are kicking and Kizz is FAMOUS!!!
the moon is gorgeous and full and I love geroge clooney.

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2 Responses to It looks like Poop.

  1. Kizz says:

    You know, from a 5-year-old boy that might have been a compliment!

    It may only be 15 minutes but I’m taking every nanosecond of it. 🙂

  2. Sheba Fleetwood says:

    Well, if it makes you feel any better, I wanted to smack that demon child…though, I must say, poop is always funny. 🙂

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