A Brand New Week

It’s cold here. REALLY cold and wet and foggy…and I’m off work!!! I know most of you are starting your week, but I cannot tell you how happy I am to have this day off. The weekend almost, ALMOST killed me, so it’s a good day to recoup.

The show is over. It was fine. Saturday night’s audience was considerably smaller than the night before, but they were much more fun and engaged. My peeps were there, so a big Luna Del Mar Thank You to them for sticking it out with me. The after party was fun and I was so ready for a drink!! We gathered downstairs in the bar of the Elks Lodge and snacked gathered as a cast. They all skedaaddled pretty early and then we went to another El Ghetto bar, American Legion where there was a large birthday gathering. My director’s husband’s band was playing the party. It was fine. There was one fella that EVERYONE kept trying to set me up with…and everyone said the same thing about him. “he’s a great guy” and variations on the same phrase. I think people were doing the same thing to him about me. We talked a bit here and there, nice guy, funny. I doubt I see him again but it was fun for the night to have someone to flirt with!

I didn’t get out of the bed until noon yesterday and only to drive into town for hangover food. Nothing delivers on the Frontier! I couched it till about 5 then got up and started moving around, laundry, picking up the kitchen. BonusMom returned last night and it was great to have her back. She’s still getting settled in, but seems to be doing ok. Rough week for her and her family.

For those of you reading past posts, you know I’ve been tossing the idea of online dating around. Purely as a social experiment, to try to meet some new people. Well, I did it last night. Signed up. Paid for only a month, so we’ll see! I will surely keep you posted!

Kizz is joyful today, her beloved RED SOX are going to the Dance!! Be very aware that she is a New Yorker tried and true, and she cheers for the Sox with as much energy as a kid hopped up on the Halloween candy! So to her I say Huzzuah! She never stopped believing, has no patience or time for any of you who did, and is probably exhausted today from last nights game. I haven’t stopped by her blog today, but am heading there now to say Huzzuah!

There are a few things I want to do today, one being getting my oil changed in Bella and I seriously want to see my boyfriend’s new movie. We’ll see what happens. Right now, it’s a fresh cup of java, which I’m cheers-ing you with. Huzzuah and Happy Monday and I love George Clooney.

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2 Responses to A Brand New Week

  1. Kizz says:

    Thanks for the shout out. I didn’t stay up for the whole game but I did stay up about half an hour past my bedtime. It was worth it and I’ll be Cowboying up in Red Sox Nation territory during the first game of the series on Sat.

    I totally love that you not only went to the Elks Lodge but you CLOSED THAT SHIT DOWN and had to move on over to the American Legion. The only thing that would make that night more classic was if you’d started the night at a church supper. Sweet.

    Which dating service did you start up with?

  2. Zelda says:


    yeah, it was totally small town weekend barhopping. I had fun. It doesn’t really bother me to go back there anymore.

    so you will be IN boston on saturday? is that what it means? who are you going with? wish I was there too…

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