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I asked for some info or insight on the Internet dating thing. Some good feedback. Some interested, some not interested. Some of you have emailed me and given insight. Very coolio.

While we’re all putting our own spin on it and that’s totally cool, I want to clarify my intentions for this prospective experiment, because after stating my intentions, this may not be the best route…you tell me.

I’m not thinking about this to find THE ONE. (we all know I don’t believe there’s only one) and I’m not desperate to find the NEXT ONE either. I can buy my own beer and snack cakes,I’m not disenchanted with men or with relationships nor am I “desperate” to find one. There is an air of “desperation” sometimes linked to the Internet thing and frankly I don’t get it…I’m just really at a loss right now in my life as to where to meet some new guys. I’ve only done the bar thing. or the post bar, drunk thing. or the sleep with the co worker thing and call it a relationship. Alas…George is the only one true and fine in my life and until he shows up on the Frontier with a box of blush and a hammock….I’m just saying.

most of the comments and emails are encouraging with stories ending with rings and wedding bells. See, while I don’t feel any urge for that kind of commitment in my life, I still see it in my future. Are the only people on these sites looking for The One? or like a previous experience are they just looking for someone to swing and do the sex thing? I’m not really interested in either. Is it one extreme or the other? I don’t know. Further investigation is required.

Keep the comments and info coming. If I survive this effing show and have any brain cells left, I might delve next week.


BonusMom’s Dad’s funeral is tomorrow. Keep her close.
I weighed in today, wearing jeans and had lost point two. rock on.
for supper I ate the last of the lite pimento cheese spread as a dip with nacho cheese doritos.
am having one glass of white wine right now and am heading to the bed. The fresh bed that I bought this week. I’ve asked from my fam for some super good bedding for my bday. Channeling Miranda in the episode where she buys great sheets to make her love her bed since she’s spending all of her time in it alone. So, anyway I’m excited about that.

my tummy hurts for the wine and from the nacho cheese dorito/lite pimento cheese dinner. say it with me. . . BLEAGH. GARK. HEAGH. BWAGH.

night all.

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One Response to Match This

  1. Gertrude Jane Kennedy says:

    I certainly wasn’t desperate when I tried it either.
    I just was lonely and horney.

    Any way you want it Sister, that’s the way you need it.

    You have my full support.
    Adventures abound and many hysterical laughs in store I am so, so certain.

    Let me know when you want to start.
    “The light is green”
    And if everyone is on board we can start the social experiment!

    I love that you have your own bed. May you love it as much as I love mine!

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