Humpday Update

Big loads of GOOD LUCK to Gert today..she begins a new adventure! Huzzuah!

Myself, just working on FallFest. Made the kid’s sacks last night, complete with candy, pumpkin and jack o lantern shaped pretzels, glow in the dark necklaces and glow in the dark cups. I got the foodwarmers from the bar last night, got the s’mores stuff, so we are set regarding foodstuffs.

All of the cats are on liquid antibiotics combined with an anti-runny-poo med that we have to give mixed with some oil tuna…i got up this morning to a note saying no kitty food until they finish their tuna and I looked over on the counter and there are five little bowls with plates on top to cover up the food. Welcome to cat life.

Tired is what I am. But not nearly as tired as ole Dionne Warwick who’s singing on the Today show this morning. Good honk. Give that girl some vitamins.

Weigh in today….cross your fingers I get to the 10% goal….only point eight away…bring it on!!

Huzzuah and Happy Wednesday!

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One Response to Humpday Update

  1. Kizz says:

    Bring on the 10% goal, you’re there sistah!

    Ok so maybe it’s just a moon phase thing that all cats have runny poo this week! Jesus!

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