The Gods Must Be Crazy. . . or just highly annoyed with me

I can already tell, I’ll be running a little late this morning…should have done this post yesterday, or even Sunday, but needed some time to process, then had rehearsal and yesterday BonusMom and I ran ourselves raggedy all over the OKC preparing for FallFest “07 which is coming up this Friday out here on the Frontier.

Weekend was good. Went to dinner and backyard chatfest with M. Since the Purple Pool closed for the season, we haven’t seen each other. We’ve both been on trips, and started new projects, so we had some catching up to do. I finally got it into my head I wanted to go up to the bar, his daughter was texting me like crazy to come up for the party they were having, so I coerced my good gal pal Bee and her sexy sidekick ScottyRingo to join me.

Oh What A Night!!

We walk up to the door, and there on the patio is a former friend, former pack member who (due to her behavior and life choices which will remain detail-less) I haven’t spoken to in about 3 years. Fine. I walk right smack up to that table and say high to each of the four girls and walk right into the bar. Looking around, the only person who would understand the enormity off that situation was the Ex-Him. Meanwhile his daughter runs over to give me a welcome hug, he jumps off his bar stool to come over, I lean in to whisper HOLY SHIT BLA BLA IS OUTSIDE and as I look over his shoulder I see Ex-Him’s Current-Her.

the fuck?

Who’d I piss off in the Universe this weekend?

Bee, ScottyRingo and myself grab a table and a hand full of cold beer and I proceed to fill them in on all the details of the patio drama and oh yeah, look to the right that is the new Her. harumph. It was all pretty cool, pretty civilized. One of the patio girls did come in to talk to me and that was fine until she made the comment “are you going to talk to BlaBla?” –“I believe I just did. I said Hi.” –“Well are you going to fix that?” –” I didn’t break anything. have a nice night.”

we invoked the Seinfield “sign of come rescue me” and all night long we were team working through crazy people who would stop by our table. I’m sure we looked like escapees from the funny farm, drinking beer, patting the tops of our heads frantically…whatever

we then proceeded to laugh, take lots of hysterical photos and take shots of…beer. I don’t think the whole world was laughing, but we were doing it enough for everybody. I had on my pants that had deep pockets full of grace and dignity and pretty much ignored the situations at hand and just had a good time…ergo the tater tot and top gun post from Sunday. Bwa ha ha ha ha.

October is here. This one is a busy one for me, rehearsals for two shows, fall fest, two performances, race for the cure…all packed into these 31 days. Woo Hoo!!! It’s way past time for me to be in the shower. Have a great day. grab a shot glass and fill it with coffee, or water, whatever your pleasure, toss it back and cry:Huzzuah to a new month!!!

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3 Responses to The Gods Must Be Crazy. . . or just highly annoyed with me

  1. Kizz says:

    What’s the second show?

  2. Zelda says:

    doing the same one from this summer, again. radio tbs. we got rained out after only one show, so we’re doing it in my hometown (oyvey) as a dinner theatre at the. . . wait for it. . . Elks Lodge.


  3. Kizz says:

    Tee hee! I thought the rained out one was Steel Magnolias. I get easily confused, you know me. 🙂

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