friday night wine/whine

Feeling better today. Back among the land of the living. Just polished off a nice dinner of baked fish, steamed broccoli, corn from the garden. . . and oh yeah, the rice that is still in the microwave that i just remembered right this minute. Bottle of wine. Nice Friday night. . . I really wanted to go out for a drink and be social with people but frankly, need to give the body a rest. So here I am.

Today was good. It started off with one of my fav new clients, SpencerForHire. He makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. However, he gave me some insight to that male mind. . . one that is scared of a single women who owns cats. “Oh Zelda, noooooo” was actually his response to my revelation. And what was funny was that I tried to back it up with “but I really like dogs but couldn’t have one because He didn’t want one and we rented and bla bla bla. I want to get a dog when I get my house…”

why did I do that?

Still trying to qualify my life and my choices. Just goes to show you that just cuz I look to be all there, sister has a few gee dee screws loose.

So. Effing. What.

I like cats. I happen to like most animals outside of the reptile family (which does nothing to esplain my first husband) So WHAT! I also get really happy about fainting goats and Flemish rabbits. Does that make me crazy and un-dateable? Why would I automatically jump to the “i’m really a dog lover” persona that I think all men like?

A friend, a really good friend of mine told me a few years ago…”Zelda, you have never met a man when you felt good about yourself. They never get to meet the you that we know and love.”

So…I get that. I really get it. And through this whole change, it’s been on my mind. I want to be in a good place with myself before i start out there again.I want the next guy to know the me that I love and that you love too. It doesn’t sound too far fetched, eh? Granted, I’d just as soon have some really hot steamy sex, where we both make pig noises and break some gee dee furniture, but I have aspirations for the above mentioned relationship. And I believe it will happen. Apparently just not today as I’m expounding on my love for the felines. WHATEVER.

He’ll show up. I have more faith in that than of getting a double OH in Double Oh Seven.

He’s just going to have to be prepared for my brilliance, and have a lifetime supply of claritin.


should I have one more sip of wine? I think so too!!!

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2 Responses to friday night wine/whine

  1. Kizz says:

    One more sip of wine? At LEAST one more.

    “a double OH in double oh seven” oh man, I wish I’d put that on the gee dee list dagnabbit.

    I love ya!

  2. Zelda says:

    Actually was good. One glass last night. it was a big glass, but one, nonetheless.

    Yeah, we’re really going to have to think twice about our yearly lists in 08…

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