Good News

Yesterday was rough. I’m fighting a cold/allergies/kennel cough and frankly, it’s beginning to win. One client I did yesterday, I forgot to paint the color at her roots in one little section of her head. Just forgot. So everywhere she was pretty blonde roots, one little section, BLACK. it didn’t show, but i doubt I see her back. oy vey. My good gal B was my last client, and I was hacking and coughing and sniffling through her so much she had to quit talking to me because the talking made it worse then I felt like her blonde pieces were funky…..good grief.

The good news coming home was Gert is on her way to Employmentville. Huzzuah and Hooray for that chick. She always lands on her feet. Big fat Atta Girl going her way.

and, AND, in my weariness, I didn’t make arrangements to tape Private Practice or Dirty Sexy Money last night. I get home for the final five of PP and BonusMom has TAPED IT FOR ME!!!! Man oh man. Life was really grand at the end of yesterday. . .

I suppose it was pretty grand throughout the entire day as well. What’s a good day without some stories to tell?

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