Saturday Night Hi-Lights

Saturday night in the big town. Worked yesterday and today, and it was FUN! We are using all our new tools that came from class last week (cannot believe it’s a week tonight I was in NYC. sniff.) and implementing them onto our clients. It’s amazing. I just did a great color, new formulation, new placement on my mom. it was awesome! Huzzuah for new stuff! However, on this the first Saturday back In town, I am sitting in the living room, finished with one cut and color, and a men’s cut(bonus dad’s) and have my now swollen feet propped up and am gulping the wine and blogging while watching reruns of greys Anatomy on Lifetime.

and you know what? I’m SOOOO fine with that. I came back from NYC with the kennel cough. Too much rock star behavior, too little sleep. I greatly resemble the silver glitter nail polish I copped at Kizz’s that last night. Fragments of shiny shiny floating into thin air. That would be me.

I feel stressed a bit about this weekend, because I have none. I’m taking a page out of Chrome’s day timer and booking myself round the clock. Tomorrow, cut and color sis and cut Wonderboy. Rehearsal for Steel Mags OH DENNY IS IN THIS RERUN!!! SIGH rehearsal from 3-6 in Chickasha. Must be at work Monday at 9 for some bullshit mass cleaning htat only a few of us will show up for. the few of us that clean everything everyday anyway. Whine. Whine. wine? why yes, I believe i shall have just a titch more. Ahhh yes. That’s better.

I have to say, since the class, those of us that went have been working well. Sharing, laughing, inspiring each other. we took a cue from Dop Dop and cleaned our space extra shiny. But when we came back…splat. Back to the high school drama that we left. Just too much drama. I have no tolerance for what she should text him and why did he not call and what are you going to wear and oh my god i am so hungover. OVER IT. Our clients don’t pay anything for that crap. that is it for my bitching. Done with that.

and now after my computer shut itself off, and i had to reboot and bla bla bla I’m done. good night.

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3 Responses to Saturday Night Hi-Lights

  1. Kizz says:

    I was thinking that all day today. How can it be a whole week since you arrived? Sorry the re-entry has been a bitch. I’m sending you patience and fun!

  2. Gertrude Kennedy Cougar says:

    Drama. Amen.
    Glad you are home.

  3. Zelda says:

    right? it seems impossible that a week ago I was in class and we were planning the trip…too fast.

    Gert, am glad to be home! Will get to see your face soon I hope!

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