Really Quick

effing amazing.
It’s been a great howevermany days. I’m so bone weary I cannot tell you. Chrome bought a blowup bed because last night i poked her in my sleep and said,” something…I was just trying to get your attention don’t give me that disgusted look.”

bless her heart.

Class is great. Tomorrow we work on humans. Tuesday I’m going to DopDop to get my hair did. muy expensivo, but I’m freakin worth it.

Took two girls to RENT tonight. My boyfriend Adam Pascal is in it again. Saw him eleven years ago…amazing what has happened since that trip and this one. I wept from the time my butt hit the seat (10th row orchestra and we got it for 50%OFF thirty minutes before curtain!!!) till the time I walked out. Sigh. There are not enough words to describe my level of bliss. I told The Pilot about this show last week, was sooooo wishing he was sitting in that empty seat next to me. Another sigh.

Tomorrow is China town purse shopping, and more shopping for the girls. Tuesday is hair, Ronna’s birthday, seeking out Sex in the City sites, and fondue and wine at the Bougouise Pig. I will post pictures when I get home….

I heart NY.

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  1. Kizz says:

    And New York hearts you right back.

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