Drumroll Please

I wish I could just transport you all to this very spot at this very moment. It’s about 70 degrees outside and it rained last night so everything is a lttle cloudy and wet. the cats are lying about as if posing for a postcard, all except Stormy Soprano who has taken the first watch inside his wine box. (can’t have too much normal now can we?) It’s nice. I’m having coffee and it’s so quiet you can hear crickets and the fountain in the garden where KikiMama has perched herself.


Had a funky moment or two this week. I suppose that is natural. I was talking to Gert last night and she was commending the exit of this relationship and it’s lack of drama…I said it was there, it was just played out over the last few years until now we just don’t have it in us. I can either sit a a table and watch football and drink a cold beer and laugh with my friends, or crowd into a tiny little bathroom and wail and sob about all that is lost forever. Frankly I only have the energy in this part of my life to do one of the two and I pick the first one.

I talked to him a few times this week. It’s fiine. Very friendly. Genuinely friendly. He called and asked for a recipe one afternoon and for some reason, it kind of kicked my ass. He made a point to say he was cooking for “himself” and maybe he was but I’m so not believing it. And fine. If there is someone he wants to cook my food for, so be it. We just had some nice times around the table outside and it brought that back to the surface and I kind of hit the wall. Sneaks up on me sometimes.

It’s ok though. We’re going up to the bar on Saturday night to watch football. My friend is bartending and I’m excited for it. Should be a nice neon sunburned time.

Onwards and upwards.

Weighed in yesterday. Another 1.6 lost. Three weeks in a row, 1.6. That is fine and dandy. I’m not complaining. I am 2.6 away from my 10% goal and I would sure like to have that gone by NYC. I think I can I think I can. Here’s a grand total picture.
20.4 mothereffing pounds!!!!!! or a big yellow baby stroller. Good thing THAT’s off my ass.

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  1. Kizz says:

    Wowee! Over 20lbs AND a stone’s throw from your 10%, that’s fantabulariffic! No wonder you’re tired, you’ve been pushing a whole extra stroller around for a while. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see how it looks on you. Or, rather, off you.

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