Man oh man did I get some stuff done today…lots of shopping. For any of you that know me you know I NEVER shop. Ever. But today i bought four pair of shoes, one pair of jeans smaller size thank you verymuch, two shirts, two pair of earrings, on skirt, some make up brushes and an eye bright pencil. The Hell???

I know I’m supposed to be saving for NYC and oh yeah, for a house. But I have no guilt over these purchases. None.I also got a birthday gift finally, and filled the grill thingy with propane for a lesser price thanks to Smurf who turned me on to Uhaul’s service. I hit the wal mark for foodstuffs, drove home and grilled veggies and had salmon and wine for dinner, did laundry, fresh sheets today, and got organized with the purchase of a calendar. Rehearsals for Steel Mags start next Sunday. NYC is in a mere days.

I got a new foam thingy for my mattress/bed and oh my lord it feels fine. I doubt I see 9:30 or the lunar eclipse. It’s a full moon out there people. go outside and gander. it’s gorgeous.

tomorrow there is more stuff to tell but tonight i’m sleepy.

huzzuah and happy monday and if you have forgotten, i freakin love George Clooney.

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2 Responses to Monday

  1. Kizz says:

    Smaller size, whooppee!

    I didn’t realize that the next Steel Mags was a sure thing yet. What’s the schedule?

  2. Zelda says:

    Two sundays in sept, two sundays and a monday in oct, then we go up on nov 3rd for homecoming. It’ll be fine. we won’t be off book. well they wont. i swear i have that thing memorized. book and movie. gah.

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