Can it already be friday again? was it not just a day ago we gathered to sweat, pack, cry and whatever? man. what a difference a week makes. . .

Going to dinner tonight with my Aunt Janet. BonusMom’s sis who’s driving from Iowa for a hair cut and color tomorrow. we’re going to nonna’s in bricktown where I’ve never been so that’s exciting. Tomorrow is a full day at work so we’re just truckin right along.

Talked to my sis last night. Wonderboy starts kindergarten on Monday. All day kindergarten. Yesterday they met the teachers and Sis said he was holding Daddy’s hand pretty darn tight but by the end of the event he was playing with a table full of other boys building stuff with blocks and plotting to overthrow the bad guys. Apparently when it was just the kids and their teacher having a little chit chat, he announced that he was an artist so he was looking forward to the art classes.

REALLY? I can’t get his Type A personality to make a scratch on paper for fear that he “will mess it up” We’ll see. I’m looking forward to the Artist at work. hee hee hee. I’m going to Arkansas next weekend for hair cuts and color. He got on the phone last night and told me his hair was just getting too wong. we’re still working on the L’s and the R’s, but things are better since the tonsils and adenoids came out a few weeks ago.

just some fun stuff to read about other than my crap.

I realize that OU/TEXAS is Oct 6. BUT I believe we’re doing the first of many Fall Fest’s on the 5th, if anyone is interested and wants to mark the date. I believe I will have more than one this year!! I wish I had my camera and I’d upload some gorgeous pics of my outside for you all to see.

For dinner last night Mary and I shared a bottle of red wine and some puffed club crackers. Points schmoints. That did not suck at all.

happy friday folks.

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2 Responses to Friday

  1. Kizz says:

    You know, on the one hand I’m glad for Wonderboy that he’s growing up and going to kindergarten and all. On the other hand I want to tell your sister NO! NO KINDERGARTEN MAMA! NO! Because when he goes to kindergarten (ALL DAY!) then the teachers will see all the adorable, funny things he does and not you or your sister and I’m pretty sure that the teacher isn’t going to come over here and blog about them for us.

  2. Mkaep says:

    hadn’t even thought of that…..hopefully he will just document everything within his art so that we may be able to follow this journey. bwa ha ha ha…i cannot believe he’s going to kindergarten sad sad sad.

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