Ready! Set! Get the Fuck Out!

Ok. I have a plan. Boy do I have a plan. The village that it takes will help pack tomorrow, and Friday nights. I will call the movers tomorrow and schedule them for Saturday around noonish. They will come, load all the crap, load the furniture and the piano and haul it out to the Frontier. Done. Bada Bing. This is making me happy. I feel good.

One of my guy friends from the bar came in to get his hair cut today, and I know it KILLS him to pay 23 bucks for a haircut, so that made me feel good. When he left, though, I had a huge pity party for myself. I am pissed that my bar, my friends are out of reach right now. I realize not forever but damnit. Breathe in, breathe out.

I got over it.

The greatest news of today came from WW weigh in. Didn’t go last week on account of I was breaking up with the fuckwit that was in my house. Then emotional eating and drinking like it was 1999….so very nervous.

I lost 1.6 pounds! Huzzuah. When googling for an image this is what I came up with. A little frog buddah tochocke (cannot spell that word) thingy. Whatever. I lost it.

Che came over tonight, brought Pei Wei for dinner and we made a plan of attack. AND bless her little heart I got a teensey weensey Zanax to sleep on. So this is me signing off, and hitting the sack. I’m actually going to sleep tonight. I hope.


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2 Responses to Ready! Set! Get the Fuck Out!

  1. Kizz says:

    Brilliant plan. Sucks that you can’t go away this weekend but long term this is the better idea. In just a couple of days you’ll be outie, perfect! E-mail me your new address, please?

    So you just google the weight, is that how you find all those pictures? I wondered about that.

  2. Mkaep says:

    Yeah, I go to Google Images and put in 1.4 pounds and it brings up tons of stuff. mostly dogs, fish, camera lenses, keyboards. But every now and then you get a Buddah Frog thingy that makes me laugh!

    I will do so with the new address. LAWD, that NYC trip is coming at the PERFECT TIME!! four weeks from yesterday.

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