No Time Like the Effing Present

He’s already seeing someone else. I swear to God. Texts on his phone confirm. And yes, I check it. I have always checked it. Because I’ve never trusted him. DUH. Plus I pay for that mother on my bill so I figure it’s mine to do with what I want, including cancelling it if Sprint will be so gracious to do so. Doubtful.

I got two texts around the same time last night on my phone from people I know were at the bar, who obviously saw them together and figured it out. And it’s not so much that he’s with someone else, it’s that they are up there at the place I LIKE TO GO TO! With some of my people. Ugh. annoyed is what I am.

I told him last night that I didn’t know what this weekend was really going to encompass. I’m supposed to go to Arkansas until Tuesday but I don’t see how I can do that…I need to be PACKING AND GETTING THE FUCK OUT. And I also said, “don’t bring anyone into my house until I’m out” He just looked shocked. And it doesn’t matter that I say that and he says ok, he’ll do whatever he damn well pleases anyway because that is how he operates. What he wants and when he wants it.

Am I pissed about the other girl? Not her specifically. I don’t think. It’s not like I wanted him/want him. Is it just because they are gross all over the bar that used to be mine? territorial thing? I am pretty territorial. WHY DO I CARE??? Annoyed. It’s embarrassing. true. But it’s not my embarrassment, I’m not owning that.

I’ve packed about 4 boxes and oh my GOD you guys. . . endless. It feels endless and hopeless and what the fuck am I going to do?!?!?!?!? I’m not whining, or crying. Not really stressing. I guess I’m just having a bit of a blowout. FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK.

And as I type out loud, the cats scatter away wondering what the hell’s gotten into Mom.

and I need suggestions as to where to go for boxes. He brought three from the bar. Beer boxes are good, so there should be more where those came from…I’m getting boxes from work today…

I think I’m just going to get packed, order a U-haul, beg strong men, possibly my father for help (am moving a piano people. those are hea-bee as Wonderboy says)and try to get this shit done by next Sunday…

Should I just move my clothes and cats and start living there this weekend when I come back? Then just move boxes at a time, after work and whatnot? I hate HATE leaving my stuff here unsupervised. Now, that IS me tweaking out on being territorial.

And does anyone know how to get my Itunes music off of this computer and onto my laptop? Joe? Ideas? At this point, I could give a shit but am trying to cover all the bases.


I have to say, sleeping in that other bed SUCKS ASS. I wake up I swear every single hour. Me and whatever cat. I just can’t sleep. I try breathing exercise, meditation, and all that does is clear my head to start mentally packing and moving. Waking up remembering not to pack the Harry Potter’s because Madchen(MAY-chen) is reading them right now and wouldn’t that suck to pack them away mid series.

So. forget all that no need to say anything but good game bullshit I said earlier…I need community response and insight. I’m at the bottom of my resource of energy getting through the last phase and working out of this one. I’m just focusing on being moved, living life on the frontier with the kitties. All 7 of them. And working on loving life and myself again.

But first I freaking have to pack all this shit.

and did nobody like my koala joke? I laughed until I fell off my chair. Oh well. It worked on me!!!

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8 Responses to No Time Like the Effing Present

  1. Mkaep says:

    This is a response via email from Martha…it was too good not to share:
    You know….tom Cruise said it in “Cocktail” if it
    could end well, it wouldn’t end. There is not good
    way to end. and, Phil has to keep up
    appearances….please stay focussed on YOU not HIM and
    live for the moment…live well, live free (yes, I
    realize you are not a lion on the Sarangetti), count
    your blessings and hang with your good friends, not
    with a guy who lies, cheats, and drinks himself to the
    floor every night. I hath spoken! ha-ha

  2. Gertrude Kennedy Cougar says:

    First of all…
    Martha is a Goddess. Everything she says.

    I can pack. I can pack like a Mother fucker. You know this.
    We will call my extremely cheap and fab mover guys… no UHaul necessary. $150.00 later you are out.
    Name the day.
    You know it will take me about 5 minutes.

    No reason to keep getting icked out when you have a BFF with such talents.

    If it were a contest I would win. I am the Lance Armstrong of packing and moving.

    Tell me the day.


  3. Mkaep says:

    I love you too. The only reason I say a u-haul is for the easy loading dock thingy. Lets start packing asap. evenings this week. I’m going to arkansas but coming home early sunday morning. maybe we can pack all day and I can get stuff moved monday and tuesday? whaddya think?

  4. Kizz says:

    See? There. You’ve got a plan. A plan will make it easier to sleep. Not easy but easier. Stock up on chocolate and pizza and pack pack pack, by this time next week you’ll be breathing free.

    He’s a fucker. Stupid, typical, fucker.

  5. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    Speaking of presents…any special requests from Dollywood? (That’s how I help…I buy.)
    Maybe a sign that says, “Wherever I rest my boobs is home.” If they don’t have that one, I’ll make it my self.

  6. Mkaep says:

    DOLLYWOOD!!! I forgot your trip! when are you going? and yes please. something from there that screams freedom and boobs and glitter. You pick!

    it’s a good plan. I feel better. Less like The Scream and more like the Lion. Roaaaaaaaaar. fucker.

  7. Joe Banks says:

    A-packing-we-will-go! A-packing-we-will-go! Dick-head-has-a-Ho-A-packing-we-will-go!

    I’m all over the packing. Say When.

    Moving? Fuck that. (jussssst kidding-whatever you need, whenever you need it sister)

    Martha has it right. That was the one line worth a shit in Cocktail and she nailed it.

    And, yes, I do know how to move the iTunes from computer to computer. No problemo. A simple, free program that is friendly and easy to use.

  8. Dion Stover says:

    You know I’m always a day late and a dollar short. Plus I never check the damn blog. Would rather talk to you. Hell honey, I’d walk to Texas and back for you. If I need to fly down there, get your shit, punch him out ,whatever, just say the word!

    Love you!

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