Lovett or Leave It

Something has happened to my blog, where it wouldn’t let me post for a few days?? Finally had time to delve into it and for whatever reasons, I deleted the correct stuff and voila! Here we go.

Lyle was Saturday. What a night! Here’s Ten Things Wednesday on that topic.

10.) We all got in free. Joe even scored a VIP pass to the air conditioned bathrooms! oooooooooooh!!!

9.) Gert and I got there to do “work” and guard the beverages around 3:30. Hotter-n-ass outside. We’re sweating like whores in church. All that is made easier by being 20 feet away from the man when he did his warm up. He sang Bears, which he didn’t do in the concert. Pretty cool.

8.) Apparently Mr.Lovett had some “requests” that weren’t sitting well with the venue, such as, no beer/drinks sold in the VIP area while he was onstage. No MEAT products sold while he was performing. OH and the security people were told not to let ANYONE get up who was sitting in the VIP section while he was singing. Somewhere there was a breakdown in communication with his people and the venue people. That was ridiculous, in my opinion. Don’t punish the people who paid EXTRA MONEY TO GET CLOSER TO YOU!!! Dude. The workers were calling him the Old Man with a stick up his butt. Notta lotta love for Mr. Lovett in the OKC.

7.)Frozen Wine drinks. After sitting in the hot sun all day, they opened the frozen Oklahoma wine stand. Hominahominahomina. SO GOOD. . .

6.) so good that after about 4 and not even being close to a brain freeze I had a total meltdown. Tears. Love. Pouring. Bwhaaaaaaaaaaa. Little stressed out with life these days, dealing with a big load of crappola and while sitting under the stars, listening to K.D. Lang (who was AWESOME and barefoot) I lost it. niiiiiiiiice.

5.)More frozen wine drinks. For EVERYBODY!!! Huzzuah! I cannot tell you how hot it was and how cold those were and how freakin good and drunk it got me! good. grief.

4.)Joe got off work from the movie just in time to kop a squat, lend a dollar and a shoulder AND bought Gert and myself glow in the dark necklace thingies!!! What a guy, I tell ya, what a guy.

3.) Dancing down front with Gert. (we were not VIP so were allowed to get up and move about the cabin.)

2.) Getting hit on by some guy down front, and at the time I was flattered. He said he was in the “music business” and we danced around a bit. On the way out of the venue he walked passed me and shoved a card into my hand. He works for CD Warehouse!!! Bwa ha ha ha ha

1.) CHURCH was the finale. Rockin’ and rollin’ and whatnot. So GOOD!!! It’s time for dinner now let’s go eat!! It was a great evening.

0.) and then we got in the car and Gert drove me to a quiet neighborhood where I vomited all out of my system and I went home and was asleep with 90210 eps on the tv by midnight.

HUZZUAHHHH and curse the Oklahoma Wine!! CURSE IT!!!

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4 Responses to Lovett or Leave It

  1. Gertrude Kennedy-Crowe-McCartney says:

    It was a grand evening.
    I was on Lyle’s side on the whole “no meat” thing… but of course.
    The Okie Wine has a little something that is still there the next day but it does do a great job of clearing out your stomach contents and giving you the ability to laugh for hours at a time over nothing.
    Apparently we are not really native Okies because we cannot drink the water.
    I remember what you remember. So nonesense of the whole breaking down. Sometimes things just force their way out whether you want them to come out or not. Else we would walk around with a constipated look on our face all the time.

    I love Lyle.I haven’t even processed all that yet. That I was close. That I golden fried chickened my ass out and choked.
    I am a big fat kentucky fried chicken.
    I should have….. damnit.
    One day at a time sweet Jesus.

  2. Kizz says:

    Wow, all that awesome and still home in bed by midnight? That’s freaking amazing.

    I hear you on #6. Live music does that to me, I don’t even have to be drunk. It just lasers in on all that emotion and insists I let it free. Freaky.

    CD Warehouse! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH! I almost wet myself laughing. You have to admire his ingenuity I guess.

    Oh, Church. Sigh.

  3. Mkaep says:

    The Okie Water is not something I think i’ll ever recover from. bleagh. and while the artist does have a right to say and want whatever they can, that whole thing was stupid. The “people” should have delt with that waaaaay before it came to the concert. I love that picture of him too. Such a nice nice night. Meltdown and all. Glad you were there with me! and Kizz and Chrome, there in spirit, for sure.

  4. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    He’s one of my faves…the original “sexy-ugly.”

    No more Vin de OK.

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