God Bless America//Chicago~Chi-FLOP-oh

Happy Fourth of July Everybody!!! Here’s to fireworks. Here’s to friends. Here’s to the land we love and hawks making lazy circles in the sky.

Went to the America/Chicago concert tonight.

Now, admittedly, I’m not the America aficionado that some may be. Pretty much I know the Horse With No Name. And that was the encore. But whatever. They were there, they were upright, they were singing their four hundred year old asses off. I can get behind all of that.

I got to the venue about 3:30 in the hot ass afternoon. It’s feast or famine here folks. 20 straight days of rain, and today, four thousand degrees. I’m sunburned. But whatever. I get there, to do my “work” for my free ticket. All this consisted of was sitting in the sun, sitting by a beverage booth while it was being stocked, and reading an espionage novel. This took about 3 or more hours. Right on. So it’s time to cop a squat, and I find the best seats. (this is where we’ll be for LYLE on Saturday, mind you.) and after awhile a few others join in. My girl who hooked me up, that also is our daytime bartender, comes by and touches base bla bla bla. Fine. She leaves and the guy next to me says…

“is that your daughter?”

she’s a year older than me, come to find out.

I’m looking into some sort of surgery come Monday.

But that is a whole ‘nuther post. I digress.

America. Rock on. They were fine. Just fine. I’m somewhat excited for Chicago though. I know they are four million years old, but damn Gina, there was that Chicago 17 album that rocked my Jr. High experience so I’m waiting for that.

Here’s the deal. When you’ve made an entire career of singing in the highest falsetto/tenor voice you can possibly sing in, there will come a day when that is not possible anymore.

That day is July 3rd, 2007.

Good honk. The band is sadly diminished. Peter Cetera? I can only hope he’s suffering from the Old Timers’ because he stood behind his Casio all night long and mumbled out introductions. . . and tried to rhyme.

They have this 20 something/30 something tenor/falsetto singer that covers ALL the songs sung like that. And he’s not so bad, but he starts that bob and weave bit with the mic and frankly folks….just go listen to your albums, your cd’s, your iPod. Whatever. If I’d paid for this ticket, I’d be so pissed. As it is, I’m just underwhelmed. It’s like going to see the Stones and watching Doogie Houser sing I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.

That’s what I have to say about that.

We bitch about the old people still driving those cars around. I think the point should move to the bands still trying to work one more ounce of the glory days out of the career. I’m not saying they should quit making music, feeding their soul, all of the good stuff that comes from the art. I’m just saying, quit with the touring.

That’s my rant on that topic.
Here’s to all of you. Living in this great land. Enjoy your day. Eat a hot dog or something not meaty and processed. Watch Will Smiff kick some aliens’ butt’s. Set off some firecrackers. Have a good day.

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3 Responses to God Bless America//Chicago~Chi-FLOP-oh

  1. Joe Banks says:

    Nevada just passed legislation called the “Truth in Music” Act (I shit you not) that requires bands claiming to be the original (e.g., The Coasters, The Platters, Sha Na Na, etc.) however lacking the original members MUST advertise themselves as a ‘tribute’ or ‘homage’ act.

    Just to avoid the very thing you endured. On the other hand, I saw Loverboy, Survivor and Eddie Money at the State Fair a few years ago…

    Survivor–fantastic; Eddie Money–was money; Loverboy, however…let’s just say it looked as if Mike had hit every buffet in Reno and decided somewhere along the way, fuck it we’ve no chance to be relevant again, why starve just to be able to squeeze into the python print hot pants, I’m havin’ nachos for breakfast!

    And they sounded like shit.

  2. Kizz says:

    Are you getting to see Meatloaf this summer? Or is his tour over already? I heard his shows were awesome.

  3. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    That dog in the corner cracks me up every time….

    Need Lyle update, stat.

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