monday flop day

really have done nothing of substance today. Didn’t go to WW to weigh in, for the second week in a row. This on the heels of Kizz’s MF-ing post and success. I’m a flop. Did lunch with the fam again, said goodbye to Sis Home for laundry and cleaning and some quasi-napping. Got caught up on my 90210 reruns and some old Gilmore’s. Dinner was grilled everything and a cold Miller Lite. Have I told you I’ve somewhat switched the flavor of beer I drink? I enjoy the ML and it does have less calories and carbs so. . . . totally falls under the can’t hurt/might help column.

So that’s it for me. Now I’m sleepy. My week is work tomorrow till 4, then to the zoo amphitheatre to “work” for a few hours so I can see the Chicago/America concert for free. Phyllis is meeting me there. We’re off on Wed, but will be more than likely doing a cookout/drinkfest at the bar. I work Thurs/Fri/Sat. Wonderboy returns next week for swimming lessons. Hold on for more on THAT note. I’m sure at some point they will all be just HORRRRRRRRIBLE!!! (though to his credit, he got a lil burn from a firework last night which prompted the meltdown. ahhhhhh.)

and I have no idea what to do for Ten Things tomorrow. flop.

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  1. Kizz says:

    Oh dude, about Wonderboy, you have to go to and read the recent entry about a contest for embarrasing things kids do. Once you read the story about the girl at her dad’s poker game your whole day will turn around, honest to motherfucking god. (What a nice thing for god to do for mom.)


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