Only for my sister

would I be up and out of my yummy bed with soft clean sheets on a Sunday morning at the CRACK OF ASS. . . so I could drive to Granite and sit with my Dad, my crazy MeMe, and my aunt and uncle from California.


I am such a sucker.

Gave the Wonderboy a haircut yesterday. Very cute, more up to date, kind of choppy on top, messy. I put some stuff in it to make it kind of messy, and in bewteen the ooo’s and aahhhh’s of his mom and BonusMom and myself about how stinkin cute he is, and how he looks like the Jerry McGuire kid, he turns and promptly says:

“well. I think my hair looks horrible. I WANTED it short to my head.”

(short to his head being smooth and not spikey.)

Go figure.

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6 Responses to Only for my sister

  1. Kizz says:

    Your sister is very lucky. Which I’m sure she knows.

    Too bad school isn’t in session. I bet some encouragement from Wonderboy’s peers would have helped. Sigh. Kids, never satisfied.

  2. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    So…did you fix his horrible haircut, or does he have to live with it and swear never to go back to you again?

  3. Mkaep says:

    he likes it now. Just something new. He doesn’t really embrace change all that well, but the hair is so stinkin cute he’s getting over it!!

  4. Mkaep says:

    plus I bought about 50 bucks worth of fireworks yesterday that we did in granite and then back at BonusMom’s at night. Spectacular Spectacular. So he was liking me, till he pretty much hit the wall and wailed “and another thing, i hate fireworks. they are HORRIBLE”
    we can’t just say “i’m tired” in my family.

  5. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    Oww.Ow. Ow.
    Abs workout too hard…laughing hurts. ow. ow.

  6. Gertrude Kennedy-Crowe-McCartney says:

    Yes, I was wondering how that would go.
    My sides hurt, my jaw hurt Sat morning.

    Shit. Who needs the gym? I work out at the bar with my friends.
    We laugh-ercise! So bugger off YMCA.

    And I was wondering how the trip would go and whether or not Petti Pants man would survive it.
    Your probably over it now… but Dude, if looks could kill even if he was a cat with nine lives… Petti would have been stone cold dead.

    Glad you survived.
    Love the “Tired” comment. True that.
    Wonderboy is truly a wonder!

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