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Trying to reclaim my life after rehearsal/show stuff. Totally missed Ten Things. Again. To make up for it, I am giving you bits of fun. The four people that I KNOW read this, well you’ve already seen it. For those of you that could possibly be out there who haven’t, go directly to Kizz’s blog and have a looksee. She has the most amazing gift of words. And photos. Check it out.

Also, my friend and ex tour partner from the Land O’Goshen is online in a funny commercial. Go check his blog out and here’s the link for that. Wait for it to load fully, and you’ll see his sweet face.
There really is no acting involved in this thing he’s doing. Totally, one hundred percent Mike. Funny ha ha.

The plans for resurrecting the show are on hold. After we struck the set, stored the pieces and finished the cursing of the rain, the director and I met up with some friends at Henry Hudson’s. I think I covered that previously. Anyway, we are thinking of doing the show again, in the Fall, in El Reno at the Elks. (i know. I know. it can’t possibly get more grassroots that this can it?) She did a dinner theatre/fund raiser last year for a scholarship fund that raised over 3000 bucks…and we think this would be a perfect venue. No more snotty ass Yukon people. No more crazy bitchy Arts and Humanities Council (which i found out consists of THREE PEOPLE) She’ll probably have to recast a few roles, but so be it. So that’s that. I’d like to work with some local theatres around the metro area, and will start looking for auditions after I catch my breath.

So, that’s it for me. Oh, I cut my hair all off yesterday. Well, I didn’t do it. Amanda did, but I am totally diggin it! As soon as I get some pics, of that and of the play, I’ll post em!

till then, Huzzuah. Happy Wednesday and I love George Clooney. (have you seen it yet? slurp.)

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2 Responses to Bits and Blogs

  1. Gertrude Kennedy-Crowe-McCartney says:

    Mike EgoCock.
    Alright then.
    Gert Super Id Pussy.

  2. Mkaep says:

    That is Mike of Mike and Abby. Toured with them in Indiana…thinkt hey came thru here at one time??? Chrome met them I know, in Austin

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