Tuesday, sans ten things

I know there should be a list here. A nice funny list of ten things. But it’s not happining for this week. This week, we open the show. Our cast is in complete denial that will happen, as seen in the total lack of respect they have been showing. Such as not getting to rehearsal on time, hours late. Such as not taking the time to adjust their work schedules the WEEK OF THE SHOW, for dress rehearsals etc. The lady who was getting our phones for us is at the lake, still haven’t rehearsed with phones.

It is what it is friends.

Oh!! and my scene partner showed up last night walking gimped because she jacked up her back. So she was on darvaset and was pretty much no help….Not that I was perfect by any means but DANG!!!

So. This has been an interesting experience. These women in Yukon are so concerned about someone being “in charge” and having more power than the other, that they just bitch, fight, blame with every breath!!!! I am glad to have worked with a few of the women, and the director is awesome, but I’m ready to be FINITO with this gig!!!

I have to purge my negative ‘tude somewhere. I just soak it all in at night and try to stay focused and positive!! Wish me luck on that one!

Huzzuah and Happy Tuesday. I do love George Clooney!
(finally caught Ocean’s 13 last weekend with Gert and Joe. FUN-NEEE stuff. slurp. am ready for the boxed set!!)

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2 Responses to Tuesday, sans ten things

  1. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    Apparently, Ms. Roberts has been preggers for the last 9 months on account of she had a baby yesterday. How did I miss that?
    Maybe that had something to do with her absence from the film?

  2. Gertrude Kennedy-Crowe-McCartney says:

    Remember screw=kon!
    If you had gone into with those expectations…. you would have been prepared.
    They were the bitches from High school always trying to steal our men.
    We never dated Yukon guys. They suck.

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