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It’s been a horrific week here on Dublin Road. Truly. Both of us, all of us have just been broken into little pieces of hurt and scattered all around the house. It’s just been awful. It could have been worse, however, without all of your comments of support and good Nancy Drew vibes you’ve been sending out. Many many many thanks to all of you.

We’re starting to put ourselves back together. Sambo, while still missing his playmate and sister, has started to rebound somewhat. I’ve been in rehearsals every night, not getting home till after 10 then to bed till after midnight. This schedule is one I haven’t done in a looooooooong time so it’s kind of kicking my arse. Phil has been working at the bar, tending it while our daytime bartender has been out of town, so he’s worked about 10 days straight. I’m sure that has helped.

Every night I go to sleep and dream Charlotte comes home. Then I wake up and immediately start crying. . . I had forgotten how this feels. . . to hurt so deeply. But on the flip side, that means that I have remembered what it was like to love so deeply as well, and that is what I’m focusing on.

I’m really thinking of adopting a rescue kitten about the same age as Sambo for him to play with….maybe…after the play is over. I broached the subject to Phil last night and he about had a stroke. We have THREE. that’s plenty!!. . . To which I replied: what. ever.

We’re off tonight thru Saturday from rehearsing. Too many people gone. (it’s been ridiculous. we’ve had so few rehearsals with an ENTIRE CAST!!) I think Phil and I are going out Saturday, I’ll need to contact my Dad on Sunday then I rehearse Sunday night thru the end of the run, we go up Friday and Saturday. It will be a fun night, under the stars with an ice chest full of adult beverages sure to make us even funnier!! If you are in the area, mark your calendars. If you’re not, mark them anyway and say a prayer I don’t kill my scene partner!!! wink!!

Ok. I’m signing off. Gotta get ready early today. I’ve been up since about 6 when Sambo decided to lick my eyelids awake. It’s potluck at work today, so I did a fresh fruit salad and then I made taco pizza to take. That will be a bugger to haul, so I need time time time. and more coffee. I’ll be back online regularly sometime soon.

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