Time for an A.K.B….all kitty bulletin

Sweet Charlotte is missing. I saw her last night around 11:30 when I got in from Wicked. All the kids came in for a snack and then immediatly wanted back outside. That’s last time I saw her. The other three have been in and out of here all day…she’s never stayed away this long before so I’m scared. I’ve talked to the neighbors and drove up and down streets to see if she was squished somewhere…no luck.

While there are bigger problems in the world, I will ask for some kitty prayers from all of you please.

I am sad.

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8 Responses to Time for an A.K.B….all kitty bulletin

  1. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    Here kitty, kitty, kitty.
    Here kitty, kitty.

    Come home, Little Charlotte.
    Come home.

  2. Gertrude Kennedy-Crowe-McCartney says:

    Meow. She’ll be back. She probably went out in search of a man…. as her name sake would!

  3. Kizz says:

    Oh, I hate when that happens. But I have had a number of cats who just like to go walkabout. So fingers crossed that she’s doing an extra long walk of shame, rather than anything more serious.

  4. Mkaep says:

    posted a sign at the 7-11 this morning and called the animal control office andleft message. drove around the hood and talked to a few people…nada. i’m just crying like a 12 year old. hope it’s a walkabout…i just have a feeling…

  5. Kizz says:

    I very much hope it’s a “preparing yourself for the worst” feeling and not an “I know it’s over” feeling.

    Having outdoor cats is hard. There’s a reason they have 9 lives, the loveable little freaks.

  6. Gertrude Kennedy-Crowe-McCartney says:

    Don’t you remember when Wylie Coyote went on his walk about? I cursed the Lord. I really did. I also did a great deal of praying and crying… for three days.
    Its very stressful and Wylie was on lockdown for a long time after that.
    Have faith sugar.

  7. Mkaep says:

    thanks guys. Still nothing. Got a call from the Village animal control…no kitties, in any form. and they filled out a lost animal report so that if anyone calls, or anything comes it, they’ll notify me. It’s just so like the others to do this, but she’s just a needy little girl who always always always comes home. I can’t imagine a walkabout. . . but I’m hoping. thanks thanks thanks.

  8. Joe Banks says:

    She’s probably just staring at a picture of Christopher Moltasanti somewhere.

    She’ll be back, babe, don’t worry. She’s just casing the extended neighborhood for a Clooney Cat. And when she gets back, she’ll have a damn satisfied look on her face that we’d all be happy to have.

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