Ten Things Tuesday: George Edition

In honor of the imminent arrival of Ocean’s Thirteen staring my boyfriend George Clooney, I thought I’d do a nice little list of what-not’s for you. Tasty tidbits, if you will.

10.) His filmography is extensive, and while I was looking thru it I remembered him on Sisters. Sigh with me everyone. That was a great show. He was super sexy as Detective James Falconer….

9.)He’s the only Batman to ever win an Oscar.

8.) The infamous pet pig, Max, died last year.

7.) One of my top favorite South Park episodes, Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boatride, starred my boyfriend as Sparky, the dog. I remember seeing this ep when I was touring. So funny.

6.)Three Kings got him famous more for his fight with his fight with the director, but also solidified the friendship with Mark Wahlberg who starred with him in the Perfect Storm. Both of these films, I really really like.

5.) That bet he made with Nicole Kidman and Michelle Pfeiffer went bust. No kids. at 40. and it looks like not by 50 either. That is a sad bloodline to go to waste.

4.) Speaking of Michelle, One Fine Day is on top of my Sunday movie on tv must watch list.

3.) I haven’t seen the entire piece he filmed in Dufar, but am happy to see celebrity working for the greater good.

2.) He’s a busy busy bee. Five projects in pre/post production, so says IMDB.

1.) If you never loved him before, O Brother Where Art Thou should have sealed the deal for you. He’s a Dapper Dan man, bona fide keeper of my heart.

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3 Responses to Ten Things Tuesday: George Edition

  1. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    My friend Jay has one of those cans of Dapper Dan…apparently they were a promo item for the film.


  2. Mkaep says:

    maybe I should look into that….hee hee hee

  3. Gertrude Kennedy-Crowe-McCartney says:

    How did I miss this?
    I love that you love George.

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