Ten Things Tuesday: Things I’m excited about

The busy season is upon us. Or at least it’s upon me. Here are a few things I’m excited about:

1.) Being back on the stage. We’ve had two rehersals thus far, I think the setting/outdoor venu will be a titch sparse, and who knows what it will add to the show, but the cast is pretty funny. It’s early yet, but we’re starting to mesh.

2.) Hairspray the movie. Just watched my DVR’d ep of Oprah with the entire cast on it. Michelle Pfiffer is still just the most fabulous. John Travolta in drag. tee hee hee.

3.) Summer. I’m ready for laying out in the sunshine and having club specials at the bar. slurp.

4.) Wicked. My tickets are for June 9th. I’ll be excited to see some live theatre.

5.) My mom’s house being finished. She’s worked and longed for this event for over a year now. We are crossing our fingers that they close at the end of this week.

6.) My impending trip to NYC for fun and education. I’m ready ready ready.

7.) Wonderboy’s summertime visit. I have muy events planned for us and can’t wait to hang out!

8.) June 8th. Ocean’s 13.

9.) Summer concerts at the zoo that I’ll get to see. Heart. 38 Special. Stevie Miller. Lyle Lovett. The Pretenders. Def Leppard. KISS. Bring. It. On.

10.) ROAD TRIP!!!! Somewhere. Sometime. It’s gonna happen.

and I love George Clooney.

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2 Responses to Ten Things Tuesday: Things I’m excited about

  1. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    I am also excited for #6. I will be excited about the rest for you…but I’m not entirely sure I can really get behind #2. i’ll go with it, though.

  2. Mkaep says:

    well, because before WW you should have been Traci. You’re way to skinny for that role now. I just freakin love the music and any musical with Christopher Walkin!!!

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