Whelmed….over and under

My schedule has blown up. Seriously blown smooth up. It’s been awhile since I’ve had such boundaries on my time…and why it’s overwhelming me, I don’t really know. It’s not as if I DO anything. Just knowing I’m bound to a schedule is freaking me out a little…

We have our first read through for the play on Sunday. I have a color class and rehearsal on Monday. I’m such a creature of habit, my Mondays are mostly sacred. So this is an exercise for shaking me up a little, getting out of the box so to speak. Right. I can do that.

I went to work yesterday and tried to move all my Wednesday night appointments to Thursday night so I can rehearse. Kind of frazzling. Now I need to check more dates throughout the summer as I have an opportunity to see a bunch of concerts at the Zoo Amphitheatre for FREE!!! I just have to be there 2 hours before doors open to watch the beer/liquor. Yup. You read that right! Just sit, make sure nothing walks off. . . then watch the concert for free. Now, this may very well be underwhelming most of you but GO check out the line up for the summer….and ps there are two that aren’t even listed. Stevie Miller and a surprise concert by KISS. The real deal. They are using it as a “rehearsal” before kicking off their big ass concert. Gene Simmons. Are you freakin kidding me??? So I have to go check my work schedule and kind of block out accordingly. PS…Gert and Joe, there may be shows that my contact doesn’t have stocked with workers if either of you are interested…

I have so much t.v. that I’ve DVR’d and have yet to watch. I guess I’ll watch Heros from this week, next week since it was a two part season finale. I am still mourning the end of Gilmore. Just watched last weeks Ugly Betty. I love that show, but that ep…not overly whelmed. Maybe it was because I was watching it way past my bedtime…

Okie doke. I need to go make my lunch. I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon food-wise this last week. I don’t think I’ve been really bad, but since I didn’t make my meeting on Monday, I feel a little loosey goosey with all of it. Ugh. When did I become such a creature of structure????

Oh. another thing. Kizz, Chrome, methinks that seeing a show would best fit the NYC schedule Saturday the 8th. We get in around 2 at La Guardia. Do either of you wanna join us? Let me know on that one.

That’s it. I’m outta here. I love George Clooney. not in a stalking kind of way, just in a let’s have about forty beers and hang out kind of way….anyone buy that? Anyone?

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3 Responses to Whelmed….over and under

  1. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    I will probably like to go to a Broadway show with you. Let’s figure that out.
    Jealous of the concert line-up…Lyle particularly. All the rest I would have fun seeing, but LYLE…swoon.

  2. Gertrude Kennedy-Crowe-Barrymore says:

    Yes, sign me up. Gene Simmons! Arre you kidding me? who loves Gene more than me? I love the show. Watched it religiously.
    Its your latent Scorpio nature kicking in. All the OCD and I must have a plan. One of the benefits of all this wisdom is we know what we want. And we shall have it too!
    You know I am kina laughing because I have been on military time for years.
    Congratulations on the show again. I am so excited to see you preform again!

  3. Kizz says:

    Dude, I am so glad that I’m not the only person who gets like this. And my schedule isn’t nearly as packed as yours. But when someone encroaches on my Fridays? I get a little wiggy. I’ve been out 2 nights this week and I’ve got one more tonight and I’m all antsy and tired and panicked and have to go to dance tomorrow and then laundry or I’m going to have to go work in my birthday suit next week because that’s better than going in my ripped up jeans…. Whew, anyway, just glad my misery has company.

    Also, totally in on the B’way show, keep me posted.

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