May I ‘ave s’more please???

What a day! Took a road trip to El Reno, hometown, to eat lunch at Jobe’s. SO.FREAKIN.GOOD.
Charburger with Cheese. Cheese Tots. Diet Coke. Bite of hamburger pizza and an onion ring or two….

Sooooooo it’s program all the way for me this week!!! But that’s ok. No guilt. It was TOTALLY worth it. I don’t know how food can taste exactly the same as it did lo these many years ago, but it was fabulous.

Came home, it’s rainy and bleagh here so not so much working in the yard as I’d planned. Mostly just lazed around. Went to the chiropractor again…I have this back/hip thing that makes me cranky and feel generally crappy and old…so I’ve been having a few adjustments. Other than that, nada. Couch. Old eps of Gilmore Girls.

Sambo did kill himself his first bird today. All cats banned to outside until any remnants are disposed of.

Dancing with the Stars is still keeping me hooked and Heros is on later…nothing about that sucks.

I’m still full from lunch but damn Gina, I’d take another charburger if it was available to me! So few blasts from the past are that good…slurp.

Happy day. i love George Clooney.
and I’m pretty sure he loves me.

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2 Responses to May I ‘ave s’more please???

  1. Gertrude Kennedy says:

    I have driven by but not in. Didn’t know if it was the same owner or same taste and was not brave enough to risk it!
    Sounds delicious. Not fair to think about it really right now since I am beefless. But sure could use some of those onion rings right now.

  2. Mkaep says:

    Cannot tell you how stinkin good it ALL was….

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