One for the Road

So…it’s over May 15th. Series finale of Gilmore Girls. We knew it was coming…and it’s probably ok. It hasn’t really been the same since the Palladino’s left. Here’s a parting shot from our friends at youtube…

Our a/c busted this week. annoying as hell. I guess he is going to call the landlord people…ugh. cats. double ugh. I’m so ready to move it’s not funny. . . so send some energy my way and let’s see what the universe brings, ok?

Have a great weekend, happy Friday!
i still love george clooney.

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2 Responses to One for the Road

  1. Gertrude Kennedy says:

    2 ep’s left?! Christ Annelle! Yes, that’s the one.
    How is their going to be a wedding?
    How can they wrap anything up in 2 ep’s?
    Not happy.
    Not happy at all.

  2. Mkaep says:

    yeah. me neither. unless they’ve been planning this forever and have it in the bag already….the hell???? I don’t think it’ll end with a wedding. I actually hope not. . . sniff. snork. sniff. I believe I’ll be saving up for the 7 season box set, sure to come out for Christmas!

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