I’ve been waiting for this. I’ve been waiting for this episode ever since Loralie proposed to Luke that fateful night in the diner. I’ve been watching and muttering and cursing and watching, still. Faithful to the finish. I’ve watched through Luke. Through Christopher. Through Luke and then Christopher again. I’ve been through Dean and Jess and Logan. Finally….

The episode shows up that displays so many reasons why I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

Now, I do love Luke. I did NOT love Luke during most of seasons 5 and 6. So this isn’t a “they are finally getting back together and all is right in the world” post. Nope. Too easy people.

The writing was there. We saw depth in relationships, growth in character, layers and layers of STUFF come to the surface. The writers…MY GOD someone finally showed up and wrote something…did well. Very well.

Lane and Zach. Rory and the NYTimes. Paris and the naked cake. Luke and his daughter. Karaoke and drinking. Loralie. Lauren Graham has been robbed with the lack of attention and Emmys for this character. She does some fine work.

So, I’m obviously happy with finally seeing these people again. These people who I love, who I’ve watched grow up. These people who I live with in my fantasy Stars Hollow. I’m happy they came back.

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3 Responses to FINALLY!!!

  1. Gertrude Kennedy says:

    I was too glad to see the “All cast” and I loved that she was siging the Dolly version and that her daughter knew that. My daughter will know that.
    Luke Daines. You know I can’t do it. It just seems in so many ways she is resolved… and ends up with him because of geography.
    I don’t know if I can fully discuss this until its all over. She has fallen in love in one episode before and I keep waiting for Alexander Petrovsky to roll into town. I don’t think Luke is her Mr. Big.
    But Logan I am a huge fan of. Always have been and her face when he asked her to marry Rory… all over me! Loved it.
    Can’t believe Ms. Patti, she looks so great.
    Next week she sees Chris for the firt time since the split! Still holding on I am. (Yoda voice)

  2. Mkaep says:

    Oh, that beautiful scene with Chris and Loralie, the resignation and realization they both had. It’s not in the cards for them. They are parents and friends and good ones, but not husband and wife. I think Miss Patty looks scary frankly. Did she have gastric bypass??? But the karaoke was fantastic. yes, Dolly. Of course Isabelle with know that! We used to karaoke in Michigan at a place called Casey’s. too true. Loved all of it. watched it twice last night!!

  3. Kizz says:

    OK, I’ve finally caught up on all this so I can read and comment.

    Chris and L will never stay together because his own guilt over how BIG an ass monkey he was all Rory’s life will keep him suspicious of L’s committment.

    And I’m OK with that because Luke Danes wets my panties. I loved the car buying experience, it was so perfectly vintage Luke and L and exactly how he would do things for her.

    I’m sad to see Chris reappear in tonight’s ep (happening right now but I’m going to catch up on my Friday Night Lights and Veronica Mars instead) but it’s, of course, imperitive. (Imperative?) The minute he failed to appear when Edward was hospitalized he lost my support.

    Weirdly I do think the Rory/Logan thing is just right.

    Through all the ups and downs of the post Palladino eps whoever writes Paris & Doyle has stayed on staff and on purpose and for that I love them and want to fill their stocking with naughty magazines and vibrating toys. I heart Paris & Doyle.

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