Just a few more bites

If you haven’t checked out Chromeplatedgirl’s blog, go do so now. Her 10 Things Tuesday was fantastic! I’ve been to several of those places with and without her and I’d forgotten about them, so it was verra cool!

In reference to Kizz’s post a few days ago, I had myself a ‘sign’ moment I thought I’d share.

I’m in the salon, sitting next to the assistant and Phil’s age comes up. She, (19 and oh so not sharp) asks what’s the difference in our age. “21” I say. “years?” she says. “Nope. 21 minutes…here’s your sign.” The receptionist died laughing as did I. I don’t know that the assistant even got it…but that’s ok by me.

Kizz, keep me posted on your week from Hell. and I’m DYING to know who your ghost reader is. . . hmmmmm. Smoke ’em out, I say!

If you wanted to know where I found those T-shirts it was here

That’s about it I think.

Huzzah to you. Enjoy your humpday!

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2 Responses to Just a few more bites

  1. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    I’m glad you liked my first list. There was a lot of pressure…first one…and for the likes of you jokers!

    It did seem to me that it was kind of a travel-log for the two of us…I had another one on there, but switched it out for that reason.

    Antlers Restaurant, though….creepiest bowl of chili of all time!

  2. Kizz says:

    Oh man, you had a Sign moment and you were able to think of a comeback right away! You’re my HERO. That was freaking hilarious. I totally needed that. I’ll keep you posted but the news doesn’t seem so good.

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