Ten Things Tuesday: Things I did yesterday that made me so busy I don’t have a good list today:

1) Got up and went for a super strong “cleansing” coffee at the Starbucks and deposited my check in the bank. This was done early, so that I could “cleanse” before weigh in. Ewwww. I know.

2.) Weighed in and stayed for meeting. When I told the group about gaining a male lemur last week, one of the old ladies behind me came up after and said (squeaky old lady voice here)” I thought you said you gained a SMALL WEINER, and I just wondered how do you MEASURE THAT????”

3.) Opened the bar and gathered the things I bought during the auction on Saturday, sans one mirror I bought for the BILaw. Missing bar sign.

4.) Went to the shoe getting place and bought Phil two new pairs of shoes.

5.) Hit the big walmart for various things, new iron, ironing board, groceries, etc. Totally forgot the replacement collars and new flea/tick meds for the kids.

6.)Cleaned out closets, took about 10 garbage bags (the big kind) to Goodwill. Including handbags, and two bags of shoes. Phil cleaned out the t-shirts as well.

7.) Picked up the house and ran the Dyson.

8.) Folded tons of laundry, and worked on finding a place for all the crap we didn’t toss.

9.) Made guacamole,and chicken fajitas for dinner.

10.)Watched Dancing with the Stars and HEROS!!! Ya-TAAAAAAAA it’s back!!!

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2 Responses to Ten Things Tuesday: Things I did yesterday that made me so busy I don’t have a good list today:

  1. Gertrude Kennedy says:

    Wasn’t it great?! I am so pleased Heroes again. And the Grandmother… I was drooling to find out her talents! And Linderman, when he healed that orchid! Love it.

  2. Kizz says:

    Haven’t watched Heroes yet so I’m closing my eyes to the spoilers.

    You tell that little old lady that you mix some plaster of paris and you put it in a deep cup, then you lube that weiner up, get it hard and stick it in the plaster. After it sets you measure the water the hole holds and….anyway the logistics aren’t important, the hard part is keeping it well, hard for the 3 minutes you need for the plaster to set…and getting the plaster flecks out of your pubes.

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