Sleepy Sunday

This is what I’ve been all day long. Flop. Had just the best time last night. I did actually wear the cammo bra, one of them anyway. . . and I think I showed it to just about everyone there. Good grief. Phil’s ex wife was there. Weird. I said hi and that was it. She had a table of people, and was there to support Alli so whatever. Point is, I think she even saw my bra at some point. Classy.

We had a great time, raised over $3200 and that doesn’t count the sales from the cammo t-shirts we had made with the bar logo. All in all, a damned good night. The bartenders took home $300 each in tips so they were happy. No real fights to speak of…it kind of got dicey at the end but it always does at witching hour.

I have been on the couch all day long except for the trip to Braums to get a fat juicy cheeseburger and sprite. I hate that I was so good all week and just blew the crap out of it on the weekend. I knew I was going to but now I really hope that I have a loss tomorrow at weigh in.

Watched Fletch on AMC today. Fletch Lives was on during my naptime so I missed it. It’s been eons since I’ve seen that movie and I cracked up over and over and over. Chevy. Funny guy.

That’s it for me. Tomorrow is errands, cleaning, weigh in and I’m planting stuff in the garden. Hope you had a great weekend. Here’s to another week! Huzzuah and I love GC.

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2 Responses to Sleepy Sunday

  1. Kizz says:

    There’s a mastercard commercial in there somewhere. “Showing cammo unmentionables to the first wife? Priceless.

  2. Gertrude Kennedy says:

    Did you mention to her you had a couple of pussies at home while you were showing her the camo?
    Never forget..”What was her name again, Harriot?”
    First wife. Reminds me of Joy Luck Club. You know take bad quality crab.
    Okay…. so yeah. Ramble on Gert.

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