Ten Things Tuesday: Memorable T.V. Moments

10 things…come ON brain…WORK!!! I’ve had several prototypes in the bin, waiting to be worked through and none of them strike my fancy this morning so it’s going to be fresh fresh fresh. If it ever happens. 10 things. . . how about 10 memorable tv moments from my life? okie dokie. Let’s roll.

10.) I can remember watching Starsky and Hutch/Fantasy Island/Love Boat/Dallas every weekend. Fridays were spent with Meme and Papa and Saturdays with Mom. There was one very scary Fantasy Island where this woman was a ventreliquist and she changed places with her doll. It got very evil and scary and there was a freakin red snake involved and I had to hide my eyes.

9.) Speaking of hiding my eyes, I have a very clear memory of seeing this movie on one afternoon called the Mommy’s Purse. I was excited. It sounds great, right? Not so much when the actual title was the Mummy’s Curse. I was freaked for a week.

8.) There was also a Bigfoot special on one weekend and I started out watching close to the set and ended up waaaaaaaay back in my Papa’s lap. So far, a pretty scarring 10 list, eh?

7.) The Yellow Rose. Came on Sunday nights. Cybal Shephard and Sam Elliot. It was my first taste of sexy cowboy. Slurp.

6.) North and South. My GOD. We were crazy for this. Patrick. Kirstie. The dresses. The drama. We could not get enough.

5.) Knots Landing. Abby Ewing was mezmorizing. I even rented her VHS tape on how to apply makeup. She was FABULOUS.

4.) Designing Women. I was always Charlene. Or at least people told me that’s who I was. Of course we all wanted to be Julia with those rants and big ass glasses she threw around. But Charlene was my favorite. She appeared a little goofy, but inside she was strong and relsiliant. The ep where she gives birth and Dolly Parton was there is one of my very favs.

3.) Speaking of givng birth, Murphy Brown’s birth was one I’ll never forget. Gertie and I had been driving around one night, probably smoking and bitching about family when we remembered OH SHIT IT’S ON TONIGHT! Raced home and yes, so sweet. Good ole Murphy. Never missed a week on that one.

2.) Mad About You. There is one scene, unspoken, yet so loud and clear that I always remember. Just a few seconds when Jamie comes in with the empty toilet roll still on the insert thingy, removes it, throws it away and looks pointedly at Paul. I always wanted that relationship. I always wanted that banter and friendship and the whole of it. Still do.

1.) Finales. Cheers. MASH. Seinfield. 90210. Friends. All memorable. All different times and moments in my life. I’m a sucker for goodbyes. Actually I freakin hate them with a passion, so I’m including every memorable finale, wheather I liked it or not, here.

These are in no real order of importance. Just how they jumped into my brain and What I thought of them after…any memorable tv moments for you?

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9 Responses to Ten Things Tuesday: Memorable T.V. Moments

  1. Kizz says:

    Hello, My name is Mary Jo Shively.

  2. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    The anticipation of Rudolph.

    Before the VCR…before the DVR…Christmas specials. Same ones every year, but you only got the one shot.

    Apparently, I used to cry when they were over (which is understandable for the heart-wrenching “Frosty the Snowman”), because I knew that it was over and I wouldn’t get to see it again for a whole year.

  3. Mkaep says:

    YES!!! Charlie Brown specials. Great Pumpkin. . . so good. such anticipation. Up there with the JC Penny Christmas Catalog!

  4. Gertrude Kennedy says:

    Magnum PI. The end of the lads and Higgy Baby and Icepick. My Mother had the whole neighborhood on “Hush! Fucking hush!” We were terrifed. Tom Selleck was everything in my house.
    Alf. When he blew up the kitchen and flew end over end out of the window. I loved the ep’s when they showed his feet. who am I kidding… I loved them all.
    Sex and the City. Take Me Out To the Ballgame – “Miranda was a huge fan of the Yankees. I was a huge fan of being anywhere you could smoke and drink at two in the afternoon without judgment.” The Agony and the EX-tasy – Carrie turns 35 and she and Big talk about soulmates. Red balloons.
    Quantum Leap. The X files. The Dukes of Hazzard, it was my sweet little Bubba’s favorite. Taxi. Bewitched is really the first I remember. God, I wanted to be a witch. Cheers.
    Of course North and South, we were sick with it.
    My Mother and I watched Gone with the Wind and the Wizard of Oz every year. Life before cable and VCR’s.

  5. Joe Banks says:

    I remember feeling like I’d just watched a real person, a REAL COP get shot when Coffey was killed on Hill Street Blues.

    Mad About You Finale. If those two-THOSE PERFECT TOGETHER, LOUSY APART TWO-couldn’t make it, what chance do the rest of us have? Ever? The end made up for it, but still, I’m right with you Zelda, most perfect TV couple ever

    The look on Joey’s face when HE figured out Chandler and Monica were sleeping together.

    and the rest of the Friends moments in short bursts:

    ‘…crystal duck?’


    ‘crap weasel’

    ‘gum would be perfection’

    ‘Ross, would you tell Chandler that’s how they measure pants?’

    ‘not notmine, not notmine’

    ‘too many jokes…must… mock…Joey’

    and on and on and on

    Niles’ fencing duel (anytime David Hyde Pierce was on screen alone)

    Clapton’s Unplugged

    ‘The Contest’ on Seinfeld, especially Kramer bursting in almost immediately after the bet is made, slamming down his $50 ‘I’m OUT!’ and Elaine’s shaving comparison which Kramer refuted with ‘not every day’

    Bono saying ‘fuck’ on the Grammy’s

    Lots of SNL moments…jeez, big ones like when Phil Hartman rips his own arms off as Sergei Ackmudov at the All Drug Olympics in Bogata, Al Franken describing in excruciatingly uncomfortable detail Reagan’s urethral exam, Tales of the Giant Boulder from Robert Wagner’s show, Dick in the Box from Timberlake’s show earlier this year, Tom Hanks’ Mr. Short Term Memory, don’t get me started on SNL…

    There was an episode of Hart to Hart I was telling Gertrude about the other night, where a
    snowman kidnapped someone at an outdoor skating rink that still gives me the heebeedee jeebeedees when I think about how I felt watching it. Still not a big cover the face costume guy.


    Every entrance Norm ever made into the bar.

  6. Mkaep says:

    This was awesome! We got some players today!! thanks everyone!

  7. Kizz says:

    Best compliment I ever got, ever, was when someone said to me, “Whenever I think of you down there I imagine you like Jamie Buchman.”

    You know? There’s no vamp patrol on this list. I can’t remember what seasons we were watching but I feel like it was Season 5 with Glory. Awesome to sip a margarita and have the phone on redial.

  8. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    Oh, I got another one:

    1982. TJ Hooker credits roll and I realize that James Darren is not the young Moondoggy from the Gidget movie that I am in love with, but rather some olderish guy.
    I am devastated and quit writing “Mrs. James Darren” in my notebooks.

  9. Mkaep says:

    You and Moondoggie and TJ Hooker in the same sentence….You’re warped. ya know that?

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