I am sad

32 people. Students. Horrifying.
It puts Imus in perspective, yes? And each day, in Iraq, the numbers are just as bad if not worse. It gives me a headache behind my right eyeball and a pit in my stomach.

It brings them all back. And reminds us that life turns on a dime. That saying I Love You IS important. That the focus of this country should NOT be Anna Nicole and the baby daddy. Two steps forward, five hundred steps back.

There’s a lot of stuff in my head. None of it is coming out clearly. Muddy, and lumpy thoughts. Parents without children. Teachers without students. Mkaep without any of you.

It’s already the middle of April. I’m booking appointments for June. Too fast. Time…and in the blink of anything it’s gone.

I light a candle for those gone and for those grieving, and for the rest of us trying to figure out how to navigate this world peacefully.

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2 Responses to I am sad

  1. Kizz says:

    I love you.

  2. Mkaep says:

    I love you too.

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