Call Me Crazy

. . . but this is what I think I’m buying today. Dyson DC15 Animal. Yes, I know it’s expensive. But I’m working and making good $$. AND let’s not forget folks, I have four cats in residence. LOTS of cat hair. bleagh. I’ve done the research, and there are two people out of four hundred gozillion in the world that don’t like this vacuum cleaner. TWO. I’ve read reviews till I’m cross-eyed and they all say the same thing. Love Love Love. And reading them is just making me want one all the more.

So. I’m off to run errands, sign up for the Red Bud race next weekend, and maybe buy the most expensive vacuum cleaner I can find.

Wish me luck.

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3 Responses to Call Me Crazy

  1. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    I ain’t mad about that.

  2. Kizz says:

    We do what we have to do and you’re hitting all your money milestones way ahead of schedule so you’re fine for getting something that’s going to make like easier and healthier.

  3. Mkaep says:

    I love you gals! I actually DID get it, and am about to do the inaugural sucking. We’ll see how it goes!!

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