Ten Things Tuesday: Jobs I’ve Had

I’ve worked at least one job since I was sixteen…Actually before I was sixteen, I worked for about two days at a snow cone hut but cut my two fingers to shreds so that ended that career pretty fast. When I got my first car the Chevy Sprint, I got my first car payment and my first “real” job that lasted all through high school. Alas it began a list that is so much longer than what this post will be…we may have to do a Redux Edition! But for now, we’ll start with:

1)Pennington’s Pantry-A great little Mom and Pop restaurant in downtown El Reno. Owned and run by a family and cast of characters so eclectic that David Lynch would just shake his head and walk the other way.

2)Sirloin Stockade-my bff got a job here one summer and I thought, what the hay I’ll go too. Two summer jobs isn’t too much. It’s like a Golden Corral, or a Western Sizzlin’ or some horrific place that has that nasty salad bar and buffet. But we served you wearing brown pants, beige peter pan collared shirt with ribbon bow tie and a kerchief cap on the head. I had to clean out the salad bar at night, squeegee that crap and remove the kale and bleagh. Not a big fan. I got fired/quit/retired the day that the nasty boss, Earnie, who’d hit on my bff and she had quit earlier in the week, got in my face and said I had to wear the kerchief and the ribbon. I said I really didn’t and walked away. I’ll never forget the freedom I felt when I walked out. Too much for a teenager to do.

3)Stockyards Cafe-The Mom and Pop place moved out to the new stockyards that opened outside El Reno. Cowboys and steaks and Roper Boots and Rocky Jeans. Too many memories to even start on here….another post in and of itself.

4)Jack’s Meat Market–When I finally got my crap together and went back to college, I got a job serving BBQ at this little (again) family owned shop. I learned how to slice deli meats on one of those scary mean slicer machines. Yup. I sliced my thumb once. Not off, but it hurt. I had to work Saturday’s which sucked, but in the summer our boss who was always a little tipsy would bring me Popsicles to eat! Great little gig.

5)Roadie/Union Worker–I used to sub for the stagehand union here in OKC. I cannot remember the real name (Chrome?) but I did load in/load outs for many concerts including Metallica, Boys II Men, Horde Festival where I met my favorite boys The Barenaked Ladies and jammed with the really hot bass player for the lead band who I can’t remember now. It was hard work, but dang I loved it!!!

6)Actor–Toured with various theatres, did summer productions, met the people who complete me and ate way too much McDonald’s.

7)Switchboard Op–I’ve had this job several times. Before I left for college and then when I’d come home from tour and get temp work this was how I did it. Multi-Tasking mixed with talking. I didn’t love it, or even like it. Means to an end.

8)United Supermarkets/Meat Market-This was the job I had when I was married (spitooey) and trying to finish college while my ex-husband sat at home and played Nintendo. I actually liked this work. It was plodding and not much to juice up my brain, but I learned about cuts of meat, and to check the exp dates on the cold cuts and cheeses before you buy them. The fresh stuff is always in the back. I also became the world champion of turkey bowling in Kingfisher Oklahoma.

9)Bartender/Buffalo Wild Wings–My first bartending job. The guy asked, have you ever bartended before? My answer was, “Noooooo, but I’ve been in lots of bars before, PLUS I’m an actor so I can ACT like I can bartend!” Hired. I almost killed a man with my first Long Island Tea that I made, and in a moment of panic, asking my coworker for help I shouted “I have two buttery nipples!!” This is also the bar where upon cleaning the restrooms at the end of one Saturday night, I found some shitty drawers stuffed behind the toilet in the men’s room. I am still scarred.

10)Beer Sales Rep–Began working at Coors as the switchboard op, another temp job. Stayed with the company, enjoyed all the men, drank lots of beer, got to work lots of fun events, moved into sales, worked myself to a nub being on call 24/7, began to hate everyone and everything and then I quit.

These are really just the tip of the iceberg….but some of the highlights in my working girl career….What are your favorite jobs? Worst?

Huzzuh to you and happy Tuesday!

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5 Responses to Ten Things Tuesday: Jobs I’ve Had

  1. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    The union is IATSE.

    funny stuff lady.
    You certainly have served a lot of meat.

  2. Kizz says:

    Apparently sometimes you get the beer shits while you’re still at the bar! So sorry that happened to you.

  3. Mkaep says:

    YES!! Rhymes with YATZEEE. too much old brain, not enough young brain! Meat does appear to be a theme in my working history…as does beer in some capacity. Go figure.

  4. Gertrude Kennedy says:

    Time to make the donuts! it didn’t make the list. I don’t blame you sister.
    Whosh, window, hung, hot, flour, icing for days, weeks and years.
    Chocolate peanut butter filed long johns.
    And my Dad….
    I can see why you might have blocked it.

  5. Mkaep says:

    as stated earlier…too many for just a ten list! there will be a redux edition and not to fret. There will be donuts. ugh.

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