Ten Things Tueday: Sidebar

It was the IATSE Union that I worked for. I also helped build a food show and did load in/out for Les Miserables…and had a small interlude with another roadie named Revo who drove one side of the barricade during the show.

The really hot bass player was with Blues Traveler…duh…they PUT ON the Horde Fest. We stood next to each other, bobbing our heads to the beat of some other band, and gave each other googlie eyes.i had no idea who it was until I was picking up trash and found a “souvenir” program with the band’s picture on it.
To this day I’m sure he pines.

I stated that the switchboard operator was not a job that I liked. However, I must clarify. I made it fun. I answered each line with a different dialect. I have had at least 3 office jobs where I did that. THAT was fun.

Chrome pointed out that there has been a lot of meat involved in my career thus far. True. Lots of cutting and slicing and serving. Anyone got a clue as to the underlying meaning of that? I had a point but have since forgotten it.

The shitty drawers were by far the grossest thing I’ve ever encountered. I railed for HOURS at Chromeplatedgirl when I got home that wee morning…and you know…you KNOW that the jackass who shat himself went back out to the bar, stinky and commando, and ordered more beer and wings. I hope his butt burned for days.

on that note, Huzzah and good night. and I love George Clooney

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3 Responses to Ten Things Tueday: Sidebar

  1. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    I had forgotten about Revo! How could I forget that…
    I will not, however, forget the drawers…not after the (at least) three-month long tirade about them!

  2. Mkaep says:

    Sigh. Revo.
    Bwa ha ha, no one will forget those drawers. I had to suck you into the scarring with me so I wouldn’t be alone!!!

  3. Kizz says:

    Mmmm, pensive, focused Clooney. Yum. Almost makes me not hungry for a donut.


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