Bla Bla Monday

Weighed in this morning…I knew it was going to be ugly. Gained 1.2 but ok. I ate everything that wasn’t tacked down this week due to moon cycles and work drama and drank a large amount of celebratory beverages on Saturday night for Joe Bank’s Birthday.

This week, I’m inspired. I’ve worked in my yard this weekend, sneezed my fool head off, but getting my body moving. I’m commiting to the Y at least twice this week, maybe more.

I’ve crossed off a few of my New Years List. Cross off #3-did that this morning. Opened a savings account. Mine only. It was a measley little deposit, but I am proud and on my way…#12 and 13 we took care of last weekend. And lastly, but not leastly #20 is done. . . kind of.

For Homecoming Week at my university, we’ll be doing a reader’s theatre production of Steel Magnolias. I directed it for my senior seminar project and at least three of the original cast members will be in it. Including myself as Truvie. November 3rd is the date, one performance. While this isn’t what I had in mind when I wrote the list, I figure it counts. And there’s a lot of the year with shows that need casts…so who knows what will happen on that front.

That’s about all I have for today. Heading to the Ace Hardware for fresh birdseed, a sprayer for the yard weeds and maybe a trip to the Autozone for new floormats for Bella. Finally named the car. I’ve never named my cars before, but since this is the first NEW one, it was deserved. Have you named your cars?

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  1. Gertrude Kennedy says:

    Springtime! Bring it!
    Love Bella. Yes, I do name my cars. Linda. Because May be I’m Amazed was the first song I heard in the car after I bought it. Paul’s song.
    Spit, peg leg…. hope she bites the dust. Announcing her as a Celebrity Activist, what ever! i will activate you.
    Nice little Heather Mills rant. All apologies.
    Oops there goes another rubber tree plant sister! Good on Ya!

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