No Title Wednesday

Wednesday is my long day. I don’t have to go in until 11, but I stay until 8. I switched up my schedule at the beginning of the year. I used to work 12-8 on Wednesday and Thursdays, and frankly it worked, I was pretty busy, but it ate my entire week. There was no time to do anything. Get home at 8, try to get dinner, throw in a load of laundry and hit the bed. No meeting friends for dinner, or drinks, no movie watching. So, I think, I’ll fix it. But now I’m wondering if I should change it back a little…I just haven’t been as busy a I want to be and I want to set some realistic goals for myself on this…Our chemical prices go up on Monday for all the salons. Colors, perms, and even the waxing is going up about 5 bucks per service. The cost of product has gone up, and the admin had called around and we were the cheapest in the metro area price-wise on color. They hadn’t had a price increase on the menu in about 5 years so it is due…That should help out the paycheck a little.

Have to say I was a little annoyed that it was a rerun on Gilmore Girls last night. This season is KILLING me and they are just dragging out the execution. wa wa waaaaaaaaa. But apparently there is a petition going around to save it for yet another year…huh. Don’t know how I feel about that. Pretty sure this horse is dead on it’s feet, so to speak.

Speaking of petition….Studio 60 anyone??? Sigh. I’m such a fan of The Sork. I’m not the only one. Joe Banks sent me this feel free to join the battle with us:

We’ll be the very model of a fanbase for a TV show,
We’ll post and spread the word around about our fav’rite Studio,
Just click the link and add your ink and you won’t have to stop to think
We’ll have the time to take a drink
While we’re promoting Studio!
Ok. I tried that petitionspot site and it wouldn’t load. But go look at This One…

Meanwhile, can I tell you how EXCITED I am that it’s Bracket Time??? I love March Madness…it is perhaps my favorite sporting event of the year. I love filling out my brackets, love watching the crazy upsets in the first round, there’s always a big one somewhere. This year, I’m thinking it will be Creighton, Winthrop and Gonzaga. . . It’s a crazy mix. Only one state school is in the Dance and it’s Oral Roberts University. Don’t scoff…they’re supposed to be really good!! I’ll keep an eyeball on them as well.

It’s going to be 80 degrees here today. I hope you get some spring weather whereever you are. Go outside, stand in the sun and breathe it in. Nothing but good things in March. For everyone!!

Huzzaah to you all!.

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