Ten Things Tuesday: Bits ‘Bout Me

I think the hardest things about Ten Things is coming up with a topic. I have been thinking about a few, trying to mentally jot down a list to peruse when the time came. It didn’t work out as I’d planned, so I’m doing this old stand-by.

1) I was born at 12:12 on a Tuesday with a full moon. (I have crazy love for the full moon.)

2) I have cut off two of my fingers in a tragic snow cone incident when I was 13/14, sliced off a chunk of my thumb with a mandolin slicer thing about a year ago and broke my foot while on tour and living in Indiana. (never thought of myself a accident prone though…)

3) I took ten years of dance as a child. (Tap, Jazz, Ballet. I quit right before I went to point…thank GOD)

4) I’ve been a witness in a murder trial.(my next door neighbor was shot and killed by her live in/husband/lover. I heard it and called the police and immediately Mrs.Kravitz’d my way to the door and watched him leave…Testifying was the single most terrifying thing I’ve ever done.)

5) I can type up to 90 words per minute when I’m in the zone (and by zone I mean having an office job where all I do all day is type. I like to type.)

6) I love tv. (I pine for the day when I can have the uberset in my house. Big nice flat panel hanging on my wall…slurp)

7) I had/have an obsessive passion for Princess Diana.(I was 11 when they married. Her train on the wedding dress, made by the Emmanuel’s, was 24 feet long)

8) I talk in my sleep…Loudly and clearly. (ask anyone who’s toured with me…it’s a frightening experience the first time!)

9) I can play quarters with the best of ’em. (does everyone know this drinking game? It’s my fav. I can do it all night long…now I won’t make it every time, but I never get bored with it!)

10) I can make a perfect duck bill out of my top lip. (there is no explanation for this one. I’ll post a pic sometime this week…ha!)

Huzzah and Happy Tuesday!

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2 Responses to Ten Things Tuesday: Bits ‘Bout Me

  1. Gertrude Kennedy says:

    Whats this Tuesday list thing?
    Its Wednesday and I have the willingness myself to be so inspired…
    you know how I long for lists! I am a listmaker.
    I’ll be a day behind… its fits, behind on hump day!
    Its the only way to fly!

  2. Mkaep says:

    Ten Things Tuesday…got it from Kizz who got it from Wayfarer who got it from Chilli…all these are her blog people.I just jumped on the train! Jump!!!

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