Ten Things Tuesday: Things I Love

It’s only my second 10 Things list and Damn Gina!!, it’s hard to come up with a topic! I’m going to pause and get a steaming hot cup of coffee to kick start the creative brain….be right back.

Ok. Mmmmmmmm coffee. Totally love the stuff. Maybe that’s a starting point. 10 Things I love. Not necessarily in the order of importance.

1) Coffee. I remember my first cup. It was at a voice lesson and when my teacher offered it to me, I felt so grown up and adult-like. I think I was in the 9th grade. I accepted and choked the vile, hot stuff down. I’ve gone through the cream phase, the cream and sugar phase, the flavored coffee phase, the flavored cream phase, the splenda or sweet and low phase, and I have to say…I’m a purist. Hot. Steaming. Straight Up. I could literally drink it all day long, but am finding the older I get the more the caffene affects my sleep.

2) I love the sound a basketball makes as it swooshes through the net. The Big Twelve Tournament is here this week. The t.v. and radio are all basketball right now. My friends in high school played. I dated a boy who played, my sophomore year. He could dunk, disproving the theory that white boys can’t jump. He could, and did. Lobster however, was king of the nasty joke and the three point shot. I miss him. He’s somewhere in Kansas with 3 or 4 kids living the life. Hopefully at the 20 year reunion he’ll show himself…and maybe shoot a basket or two. Swoosh.

3) I love a new year. I love the look of a calendar that has nothing on it. No boundaries, no expectations, no obligations. Just freedom. It’s so hopeful. This is the year that I will really…fill in the blank…I love a do over and January is the perfect do over.

4) I love the feeling of a pantry that is stocked. A fridge and freezer that is bursting forth with freshness and goodies. I am not a child of the depression. Nor was I deprived of food growing up. I have no family of my own. But having a kitchen full of food…makes me feel safe and sound.

5) I love clean sheet day. I wish I could say it was every single Sunday, but it’s not. I’m not that organized. Sometimes it’s every other week, but more often than not it’s a weekly event…

6)I love the feeling of a good pedicure, especially when you have an ingrown big toenail and they fix it for you. I could have kissed the little Asian woman smack on the mouth for giving me such relief yesterday!

7)I love fresh hair. Be it a new haircut, or fresh color. It can be the same style, same thing you’ve done for a year but when it’s new it just feels sooooo good.

8)I love sitting on a porch. I love the evenings on a porch, watching the birds, or watching the cats watch the birds. Enjoying a chiminea fire, or grilling steaks. If I’m surrounded by good friends, it doesn’t get any better than that.

9)I love TiGi eyeliner. It’s the softest, smoothest stuff I’ve ever used. And it stays on!

10)I love Bearnaise sauce. I cooked steak and grilled veggies last night with Bearnaise. I could just eat that sauce by itself, sop it up with some bread. But…moderation, right? So I moderated.

That wasn’t as difficult as I thought it’d be! I’m off to work today, starting my short week. I’m going to Arkansas for the Wonderboy’s 5th birthday. Leaving after work Friday night. I hope you’re week is going well,and that you have ten things that you can IMMEDIATELY think of that you love.

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2 Responses to Ten Things Tuesday: Things I Love

  1. Kizz says:

    Crap, I forgot it was 10 Things Tuesday. Thanks for reminding me.

    Yeah, porches!

    How many points is Bearnaise sauce?

  2. Mkaep says:

    I have no idea. I rounded up…called it a night after that! I did pretty good today points wise, but only walked 2200 steps. it was a slow day. Hope to fix that tmorrow!

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