Friends With Money

I’d like to talk a little bit about Kizz’s recent post. I’ve actually read several articles about this recently. About women and money and their lack of initiative, or responsibility, or follow through. Another talked about this very thing, about if we shared our thoughts and ideas and support, we’d all be much better at money handling.

I am in constant struggle with the idea of responsible money.

There was a time in my life, I charged up credit cards without care. I let the bills pile up without a shrug. I let the student loan payments default for what seemed like eons without the slightest nod, or call, or smoke signal. I would sleep and wake everyday with this amazing load of guilt and weight and horror on my shoulders.

I have to say, those days are gone. I pay my bills. I’m not saying I’m never late, sometimes life happens, sometimes work is light and paychecks are lighter, sometimes I just forget. But nine times out of ten, it’s in the mail. Or paid online. Or taken to the store and paid there. Done. Finito.

I’ve paid down several cards, and have taken a noted interest in my credit lately. I want to buy a house. Soon. I’ve gotten rid of extracurricular cards and credit accounts. I’ve paid off more than one debt. I’m closing in on the major loan payment for school. I think I’m actually getting money back on my taxes this year.

But I have no savings.

I want to. I feel the need and urge to have something. I believe I even put it on my NY Resolution list. Time to get control over this. Too long gone, with it controlling me. That is stupid and ridiculous.

Kizz said she is sometimes judgemental about people and money, directly in response to how they look at her life and spending habits. I think this is universal. I don’t think it’s a man/woman thing. I just think it’s a human thing. We judge. We don’t judge.

I am amazed that I have lived to be the age that I am without a plan, a savings account. But…before the tsk tsk tsk-ing comes along, before the judge flings the gavel down…it’s not too late. Tomorrow is another day.

I think there are more of us out there with weirdness about money than there isn’t. And I think we could all learn amazing amounts about dealing with it if it were a topic open for free discussion. But it’s not. We’re all weird about it for some reason…Maybe we’re completely anal and to the penny because we hid the Dillard’s bill from our Dad (check) or maybe we just listened to one too many fights about money and how we never had any and how could we ever spend that much money on FUCKING CLOTHES (check) or maybe we’re just scared of numbers because our 4th grade teacher Mr. Webster made actual fun of us in front of the whole class for not understanding the times tables. (checkcheckfuckingcheck) Whatever the reason, money is a hot topic. Hot enough for Rosie to have touched on it last week. Hot enough for Kizz to talk about it this week. Hot enough.

I don’t have an actual plan per se, but I know where I’ve been. I’m not there anymore. I can see what I want. And that’s a good start for me.

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2 Responses to Friends With Money

  1. Kizz says:

    And, you know, you’ve always had things I haven’t like car payments and car INSURANCE for cripes sake. I feel like in the last couple of years, since you went back to school, you’ve had a serious handle on your financial shit. Now you’re in a space where you can start to make the money work for you.

  2. Mkaep says:

    What I fight and face is that I am starting to make it and somewhat handle it wisely, but damnit I want to be where I’d be if I was this way 10 years ago. House. Car. Timeshare. sigh.

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