Here at my sis’s house…and while everyone is just numb, it’s still full of life. the Wonderchild is playing army and all gang from RatPatrol are in full force. Helecopters, hummers are in active duty.

My sis is foggy. I believe she got some sleep today, but at the moment is having hormonal meltdowns, wave on wave. We’re all just here, mourning, greiving bit by bit, in our own time.

I saw pictures of her. She was 10 ounces. Tiny, precious.

There will be no burial or service, however we will have her ashes here. My dad is going to build something to put them in, or on, or some such. His way to give and greive.

We have an endless supply of numbing pills, which are all at the ready…that’s the way we do it in my family.

There has been just an unbelieveable outpouring of support and pain and greif and prayers from you all. I think I’ll show Sis tomorrow, all of your words of love. It means more than you know.

Thank you seems pittiful, but it’s what I have.

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  1. Kizz says:

    Are you still here or are you there? I know it’s possible that you might be here OR there but I hope you’re in one place regardless.

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