just recieved news about my sister’s baby. it has no kidneys. it’s still growing, and kicking, and moving, but she’s acting as the kidneys for both of them. the doctor who specializes in high risk pregnancy gave them this option. Terminate now, or wait until July, deliver, and watch it die. It would be the same scenario as taking someone off of dialysis.

I am numb. and angry. This is the third time for her. Three pregnancies, three losses. Three too many.

and she’s a good girl. she really is the true sense of good. all she wanted was a baby.


now, we just have to await their decision. . . and just try to get through this as a family. broken bits and all.

i worry about the wonderchild, who after the last miscarriage, shook his fist in the air and screamed “bad jesus!!!”

how will they tell him…again?


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