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As most or some of you know my sis is pregnant. This after two pretty awful miscarrages one of which resulted in the loss of a tube. She’s been doing ok, if you discount the horrendous morning sickness that lasts all day. Due in early July, so we’ve got a few more months of it. They did the ultrasound today to check “things” and determine the sex. When they got in, it was found that the amniotic fluid is low. So low that she’s going to a specialist in Joplin on Thursday. It’s usually problems with kidneys, but the kidneys are there. So we really don’t know what’s up.

It’s hard, this waiting. For those of you that pray, please do so. For those who don’t just send some light our way.

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2 Responses to baby news

  1. Kizz says:

    Man, this is just the toughest thing for her isn’t it? Can’t they just pop the hood and add a quart? Give the woman a break. Sigh. Keep us posted, please.

  2. Mkaep says:

    They actually can pop the hood and give a quart, but it seems to be a last ditch effort when she’s closer to delivering. we’ve got 5 more months of this shit. We’ll know more Thursday. Hopefully.

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