Home Home on the Range

So happy to be home. Got in around 3:30pm yesterday. Getting up at 4am, getting to the airport, checked in, thru security and to our gate was still faster than getting thru 15 miles of Friday pm 401 traffic back up. Apparently there was a crane incident yesterday, and it took us an hour and a half to drive what took 15 minutes the week before. Carsick was an understatement…ugh. double and triple ugh.

Have so many things to write about, but getting ready for the BIG GAME today. Have to go to WalMart for foodstuffs for the bar then on to watch the Colts take home the shiney shiney. I’m hoping.

Glad to be home.

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3 Responses to Home Home on the Range

  1. Kizz says:

    Glad you’re home safe.

  2. CSOR2000 says:

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  3. Joe Banks says:

    glad you made it back in one piece. any of those new haircuts for me? i’m gettin’ a little fuzzy. i’ll have my people call your people for an appt. around the 15th.

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