Day whatever..more of the same shitty service

Let’s talk just a minute about customer service
We have been here for almost a full week, eaten lunch every day at a different place each day, paid too much for lunch that was, late, semi warm to cold, too expenxive AND we had shitty service from our waitstaff. I swear, we’re all so over it it’s not even funny. We pay way too much, 15-20 plus at lunch for crap. then we have to shovel it down our throats to get back to class on time. OVER IT.

The whole idea of going to a market getting stuff for eating cheap did NOT work out. there isn’t anything around this area, and if there is, it’s a cab ride and I just wasn’t prepared for this. Next time, and I’m already planning on a next time, I’ll do better. Live and learn.

Yeaterday’s class was awesome. I learned another haircut, two in fact, that I can come home and put directly on the heads of clients. happy happy joyjoy. So that was good. Maegen woke up feeling human again, thank goodness. No one else got the funk. She and I did some shopping after class. Went to the Gap, the Fossel shop, a few other places that were muy expensive and came upon a California Pizza Kitchen. So good. and our waiter Paul, was Fabulous. Happy Boy with great smile and great customer service. SO GOOD.

We wound up in the hotel lounge having a vodka and cranberry…or three and fell into a heavenly sleep that lasted until the sun came up. The first time anyone has slept thru to a normal hour. . . just in time to get back to central time zone, but whatever. we’re happy.

Today’s class, we think, holds two haircuts for us. but maybe not. We do get to meet a new teacher, who some people have met before, his name is John. Everyone says he’s fab. Someone may get their haircut, I’m voting for maegen to ge hers cut. Time will tell.

Tonight, we’re doing a group dinner at a “nice” place on the pier. The Lobster. Rachel Ray ate there on one of her travel shows. Then hopefuly to ride the feris wheel on the pier, buy some souviners and back to the room. Our room looks like we’ve been testing bombs in here. We are going to get our stuff together for tomorrow morning’s check out and be gone.

We’re all about ready to get home….not to the snow or the ice, but to home. I think Larissa (who is a newlywed) is dying to be with her husband, Maegen just about came out of the bed because her kid finally taked to her on the phone, Kasie is missing her cat and me…we’ll I’m justmissing all of you.

Till then…

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2 Responses to Day whatever..more of the same shitty service

  1. Kizz says:

    I can picture your bomb-test hotel room in VIVID detail. Makes me a little nostalgic in fact. I didn’t realize you were going home so quick. Take a picture on that Ferris Wheel! I’m so glad this was so good an experience that you’re ready to do it again.

    Travel safely!

  2. Gertrude Kennedy says:

    Click you scissors three times. No place like home.
    Always hard to travel anywhere as an Okie… since we are so friendly.
    It seems that since its likely your waiter is an out of work actor… he/she could atleast act like they were friendly.

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