Day Two

Day Two was eventful. We all woke up at the crack of ass. This time difference is Killing us. I woke up around 3am yesterday, 5am our time. which is normal. I usually wake up when Phil comes to bed then I go back to sleep. Welllllll, that didn’t so much happen. We were all awake, just waiting for the sun to come up! Three of us took a walk down to the ocean, on the Santa Monica Pier….some of you will recognize that from the LOST BOYS. Love that movie. Love it. The pier looks much smaller, but the ferris wheel is there, all lit up and pretty. I’m on the lookout for some vampires! anyway, we came back got showered packed all our stuff and walked to class. It was amazing. Our two teachers are just the grooviest, coolest, women. I have crushes on both of them. I’ll get some pictures of them and post that when I get home…still can’t do it on this computer. anyway, we had lecture, and took notes in the morning. (jamba juice for breakfast) and had a mini break for coffee and a banana, then we had more lecture and didn’t break for lunch till almost 1. STARVING we were. The afternoon brought us a room full of clients, and we all did a haircut. it was awesome. Really formated like the school I went to, so the routine was familiar. nice. My girl was asian, longer hair, but I did a good haircut on her, she liked it, I liked it, bada bing. me and Maegen were counting down minutes till Happy Hour!! on the Promenade there are little places everywhere, with outdoor patios and heaters for the nighttime. We drank most of our points and by 7pm were pretty freakin tipsy. but it was 7 PM!!! Hell no were we going to go back and go to bed. that would just be stupid. So. . . yes. we went back to the pier, to Rusty’s Sun Shack. and Diego proceeded to get us a little more drunk. fabulous. We were home and in bed by 9. I believe I did some drunk emailing….I know I posted a comment on Kizz’s blog that is just some rambling shit. sorry Kizz. delete that if you can. I have no idea how.

This morning, Larissa and I went down to the actual ocean, walked on the sand. That’s not as easy as one thinks. It’s gushy sand. lots of working out on the ole glutes. there were tons of birds, seagulls (reminds me of the Rescuers and cracks me up everyytime I see one) there were little seagull prints in the sand. yes. pictures were taken. Back in the room now and it’s time to start getting ready. I’m thinking it’s a day to shop, sparingly.

I’m doing ok on the points for weight watchers. Walking everywhere is such a nice built in blessing. Digging it. There will be no weigh in for me this week though. I’ve done well with money, eating as cheaply as I can, but then I turned around and blew it on beer. I’m a donkey. I miss cheap stuff. THis place is like NYC, nothing is under 10 bucks. seems like I’m hading out 10 bucks everytime i turn around. anyways, the palm trees and the sound of the ocean totally make up for it. Paradise ain’t cheap.

I have to go get in the shower….another day!

Ps. no sighting of Luke Perry. I really havent left a 3 mile radius, but I have hope in my heart. Maybe he likes the santa monica pier…..the vampires did! OOOOOOh, that’d be even better.

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3 Responses to Day Two

  1. Kizz says:

    Sister, you have to get back to your cheap ass roots. Fill the sink with ice, get yourself a 6 pack and some finger food and have a girl’s night in the room punctuated by more walking on the awesome beach.

    Beach walking is the best. That’s my childhood and my teen years right there. I miss walking on the beach in the moonlight. Can you get me a picture of the sun setting over the ocean? I’d love that.

    Love you hard, and I’m glad that you’re having a good time and making the most of it.

  2. Gertrude Kennedy says:

    Come along. We’ll have the sunshine shining until we find the silver lining. Come along. sing a song. Totally gives me great pleasure and and joy the my BFF of XXX years know my language… the language… our language. The Rescuer’s. Hello Bianca. Hi Bernard. Orville the seagull, glad he is with you.
    Bang a Rang sister.

  3. Gertrude Kennedy says: This is a great site to view haircuts online. They all have bang a rangs Sister. Crazy. Guess I need to go live with Carla again so she can piss me off and make me go mutilate my hair again… like I did when I was five.

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