My mind is a junkyard

I have had several topics to write about, whirrling around in my head. I even wrote one out, added some nice pics, and flop. deleted it right off the computer. I felt so defeated after that, I just shut her down and went to bed. But…I thought I’d just throw out what I’ve been chewing on and can munch on it later.

1) T.R. Knight. What an amazing actor. When someone has to work with opposition, such glaring and disgraceful opposition, and the work itself is graceful, and full of quiet dignity it is a true testament of his skill that I forget about the nasty. I watched the scenes last week, when Burk and George are discussing George’s father in detail, and Burke mentions that now is the point where he needs Faith. If needed, Burk would send up a prayer…..and it was beautiful. But deep inside, this actor if full of hate and disgust. And I know Isaiah Washington has apologized and is now in counseling. We’ll see. So many people just hop right into the therapy/counseling/rehab bus after they screw up, it’s like absolution. Maybe it’s my turn for a little faith? eh?

2) Saw two fabulous movies last weekend. Little Miss Sunshine and The Queen. Run, don’t walk to your nearest rental place and get LMS as soon as you can. Get the biggest spoon, and just scoop it in fast fast fast. It’s that good. Really. I could go on and on, but just see for yourself. Nice Hooray out to Abagail Breslen for her Oscar nom as well as the others that the movie picked up. As far as The Queen. . . A. Maze. Ing.
Truly amazing. One forgets it’s not really Her. She’s totally taking home the golden naked guy. My money is on Helen Mirren. Delicious.

3) Weight Watchers is going quite well. Down 6.5 lbs. Happy for that.

4) Heading to L.A. on Sunday. Well, to Santa Monica actually. Studying for a whole week at the Vidal Sasoon Academy. Creative Cuts. 9-5 Monday thru Friday. Our hotel is right on the beach, let’s hope for nice weather as I am just dying to start my mornings with a beach walk. Sigh. However, I’m totally not geared up for it yet. Shopped a bit last night, haven’t packed anything. Can’t get the software loaded on my laptop to enable me to function wifi style. I’m desperate for that so I can update and email all week. ugh. Still working on it. Either way, I’ll let you know how goes it either during the week, or when I get home. There are bound to be some stories there!

5) Very excited for the 4th Traveling Pants book. Bought it at the Target last night. Annoyed, though that this one is hardback. For craps sake. If ALL the others are tradepaper, then just keep it up!! For those of us OCD enhanced book collectors out here….that really jacks us up.

6) And Lastly….I would like to go on record as saying that my favorite Japaneese actor was ROBBED of his Golden Globe last week. Just Robbed. I know Jeremy Irons is fabulous, bla bla bla. But this guy, I love him. It’s a great show. Finally something new, different. Check it out. Yatta!!!!!

That’s about it. Will check in when I can. Happy weekend’s to all.

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3 Responses to My mind is a junkyard

  1. Kizz says:

    I had read at least 2 of the other Pants books in harback, did they do a simultaneous hard and trade paper release?

    Nice work on the loss at WW! Good routines! And a beach walk every morning in CA will certainly keep you right on track.

    I’ve been talking with a friend about the Grey’s deal. I am continually impressed with Knight working in a hostile environment like that. It’s clear that Washington hasn’t been reprimanded properly by his employers and I think the in patient counseling crap is just a way to keep him out of the public eye for a couple of weeks. Sigh. Assholes are everywhere.

  2. Gertrude Kennedy says:

    First of all I had no idea you were waiting on the Traveling Pants… had the ARC for months now. We have got to communicate more sister.
    Second… cannot wait to see the Queen. Was totally dancing outside myself on whether or not I could take all the Diana stuff… I still have not recovered. but it looks fab.
    Third… yes, he was robbed. You flying man. Woosh.
    Forth… no idea you had gotten a laptop. I covet thee even more than before.


  3. mkaep says:

    Well, Mary gave me her old one. So…technically…whatever. I got it! Excited!

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